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Members of the Symphony of the Hills, based in Kerrville, introduced a whole new group of elementary school children to the sounds and joys of symphonic music this fall, continuing the symphony musicians’ group visits to student groups at their individual schools.

The 19th Annual “Veterans Day Car Show” is planned for Saturday, Nov. 13, at the Kerrville Veterans Administration Medical Center, and proceeds from the entry fees will benefit area veterans.

When Ally Scheidle went down and out with an injury in the first set of Friday’s District 26-5A volleyball match against Buda Johnson the moment arose when lesser teams might have thrown in the towel and thrown up their hands in surrender, but TFND is a powerful intangible that usually overp…

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You may think that running around in one’s underwear wildly flailing about with a pink butterfly net in the bedroom might seem a bit odd, but for me, it’s just another day.

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Volunteers are so appreciated at the Dietert Center. With 200-plus volunteers in the Meals on Wheels program delivering a hot meal and a friendly smile, more than 300 seniors in Kerr County can attest firsthand how much good they do. More than 200 other volunteers assist with all ongoing pro…

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What if we really believed all that God said about us? What if we took all the negative things people say or the lies we believe about ourselves and traded them for the truth? What if we truly believed God was our father? What things would we attempt if we really believed God was with us all…

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