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Issues related to the influx of migrants facing communities along the Texas border was the topic for last Friday’s Republican Women’s monthly meeting. Speakers for the luncheon were Aaron Reitz, Deputy Texas Attorney General for Legal Strategy and former U.S. Representative Mayra Flores from…

SAN ANTONIO -- Jordyn Joy was anything but "joyful" as far as San Antonio Wagner was concerned when the Tivy junior laid misery on the Lady Thunderbirds both at the plate and from the pitchers' mound during Tivy's 9-3 softball win Wednesday, March 22.

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Award-winning pianist Leonardo Colafelice headlines the next Symphony of the Hills concert, “Edvard Grieg: Keyboard Brilliance,” on Thursday, Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m., at the Cailloux Theater.




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One of the advantages of writing this column (so far anyway) is that I have been able to choose whatever subject that comes to mind.

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There was a time in the distant past when my wife and I were both teachers. Kim was a teacher because she had dedicated her life to educating young minds.

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My neighbor, Ralph, likes to poke fun at me whenever he gets the chance. For example, just last Saturday, he yelled at me from the other side of our shared privacy fence, “Hey Kerrdog, why are you breathing so hard over there?”