Schreiner University details action plan amid COVID-19 concerns

Schreiner University president, Dr. Charlie McCormick, announced today the University’s plan in dealing with COVID-19 – or the coronavirus. In an email sent to the University campus community, McCormick updated students, faculty and staff on the most current plan as Schreiner is entering into Spring Break.

“I have—and all the senior officers at Schreiner have—been attentive to the actions of our colleagues around the nation who have made the decision to close their campuses for a short amount of time or for the entire semester,” McCormick said in his address to campus. “Their decision does not reflect the decision of many colleges and universities around the country, and it does not reflect our current best thinking. I believe that Schreiner, Kerrville, and the Hill Country will likely remain a safe place for students and employees to be. Therefore, as students leave for Spring Break, I encourage everyone to prepare for Schreiner to still be in session when Spring Break ends. We intend to be here on Monday morning, March 23rd, when the school day begins.”

Schreiner University will monitor and follow any and all directives from state and federal agencies. Schreiner officials are in close contact with Peterson Health as well as city and county government. The University has also established a COVID-19 Emergency Response Team to ensure quick and efficient action and communication moving forward. Plans may potentially be changed rapidly, and as those changes occur, Schreiner University will keep the community informed.

“I know that this decision will be difficult for some people, students and employees alike,” McCormick went on to say. “If you have specific concerns, I encourage you to contact the Dean of Students or the appropriate Vice President to discuss your situation. As possible, we will try to make accommodations. But if we’re going to move forward and remain open, we cannot accommodate everyone.”

Additional study abroad plans and non-essential travel are expected to be canceled. Limiting larger gatherings on campus is being discussed and likely to be discouraged or cancelled as well. McCormick plans to make another update to the campus students, faculty and staff no later than the evening of Mar 19. That information, or if other information or changes should come sooner, will be communicated to the community.

To see McCormick’s entire letter to the University, please go to

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Doug R

Let me get this straight: all the students (how many?) go wherever for Spring Break, and then come back in a couple of weeks, and just go back to class? That could end up being the single biggest source of potential new contagion in Kerrville! Will they all get tested when they come back, or will they just head to class and potentially transmit the virus, first to their classmates, faculty, and staff of the college - who all then head out into Kerrville and infect the rest of us? Brilliant.

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