Looking for the perfect ‘Synergy’ in health

Brian Burzynski works on a patient in his office, where he practices the Synergy Release Method to assist “balancing skeletal and muscular systems.”

Brian Burzynski is not a doctor, a magician or a miracle worker, he wants you to know.

Burzynski – known to his clients just as “Brian” – is just a hard-working native Texan with a desire to help others through the “Synergy Release Method” – and has logged more than 30,000 clinical hours in the past 20 years as a licensed provider through the Professional Wellness Alliance.

The Synergy Release Method, a natural method of balancing skeletal and muscular systems that purports to help the body work together fluidly and without compensation, was the brainchild of Burzynski’s predecessor and mentor, John Patterson.

In high school, Burzynski was a basketball player suffering muscular difficulties from his janitorial work, resulting in recurrent sprained ankles.

After his mother took him to see Patterson, he never sprained his ankle again.

Patterson, a former rehabilitation specialist and minor league pitcher, personally trained Burzynski in the Synergy Release Method. Today, Burzynski works with professional athletes and others – not just from the Hill Country, but from all over the United States.

On a client’s first visit, he evaluates the body for structural imbalances.

“Then what we figure out is the trigger or the cause, and then we correct the cause,” Burzynski said. “By correcting the cause, we can correct the pain.”

Unlike a chiropractor’s, he said, his work doesn’t require frequent visits.

“We try to see most people once a year,” Burzynski said. “If we can get the muscles to release and the bones in place and the ligaments and fascia and tendons and nervous system – then all of a sudden the body will begin to heal.”

Gently, he releases muscles with his hands and other non-invasive instruments, and recommends stretches and other exercises to aid the body in its own natural capacity to heal.

“People come in every day and say, ‘There’s no help for me, no one can help me, but somebody told me that you might be able to,’” Burzynski said. “It’s amazing just being able to help that person, seeing the smile on their face.”

Yet Burzynski, like a modern-day Socrates, insists his only wisdom lies in knowing how little he knows.

“I think I’ll be a student all my life,” he said. “[The Synergy Release Method] is just something we’ve developed, but it’s God … guiding us and showing us how it works. He’s the one who developed the body, created it, designed it.”

Nancy Wendland

Nancy Wendland had a pinched sciatic nerve and peripheral arterial deficiency causing her excruciating pain when she first visited Burzynski.

She had been going to a chiropractor and massage therapist weekly with no relief, and she wasn’t too sure about the Synergy Release Method.

“I finally bit the bullet and went,” Wendland said. “Brian very gently maneuvered those muscles and tendons in there and got them to relax.”

She said she walked out with no pain whatsoever.

“I was so impressed, I was on cloud 9,” Wendland added.

Most impressively, there was no “See you next week,” to which she was accustomed from other natural practitioners. Instead, Burzynski works on patients for a full hour and aims to address all issues that might recur.

“He says, ‘I’ll see you in a year,’” said Wendland.

She was so impressed by her experience that she has since encouraged all her other family members to see Burzynski.

“Brian’s been my family’s lifesaver, he really has,” she said. “We would shout his praises from the rooftops.”

Cole Miears

You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but 19-year-old Cole Miears, a graduating senior at Tivy High School, once tore his hamstring running hurdles in 8th grade.

Burzynski not only helped him correct the painful injury, but taught him preventative exercises for the future.

Miears, now rounding off his successful high school career as a football and baseball player, said it made all the difference in the world.

“I felt much more fluid, and my motions when I was playing my sports just felt more natural,” Miears said. “I wasn’t having to exert as much energy.”

And, he said, he doesn’t run as much risk of injury now.

“Brian makes sure everything’s in line, your bones and muscles, because if it’s not aligned, you could mess up your hip or knees, and get seriously injured,” he said.

To this day, Miears is grateful he crossed paths with Burzynski.

“I’m really thankful to Brian,” he said. “He’s an extremely friendly and nice guy, and it’s just a great time going to him because he has so many stories and knows what he’s doing.”

Burzynski also knows the value of hard work.

For 15 years, he’s been studying the science and technology behind shirts he calls “Intelligent Threads,” which, he says, are embedded with quantum-mechanic-level frequencies that help relax muscles, restore blood flow, eliminate soreness, prevent injury and improve posture.

“It helps your structure go back to its anatomically correct position,” he said.

On June 2, he’ll distribute Intelligent Threads shirts to the Kerrville Police Department in the hopes that it can bring some ease to their muscles – and their lives.

For more information on Intelligent Threads, visit www.intelligentthreads.com.

To learn more about Burzynski’s Kerrville practice, located at 600 Yorktown Blvd., or to make an appointment, visit www.sr method.com or email Liz Norwood at lizsrmethod@gmail.com.

In the end, Burzynski says all he wants to do is help.

“What we do is both corrective and preventative, because it keeps people from injuring themselves,” he said. “We’re helping people and getting them out of pain.”

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