The Kerr County Elections Department is issuing a public notice alerting local residents to the fact that an apparent mailing of voter registration applications is not coming from the local office.

Residents are reportedly receiving mailed voter applications this week that, under the guise of an official-looking form, urges citizens to register to vote using a mail-in form that claims: “Immediate Attention Required.”

“There are a couple of groups who are sending these so-called voter applications statewide telling people they need to register to vote,” said Kerr County Tax Assessor-Collector Bob Reeves, who also oversees the county’s elections operations.

“First off, we want our citizens to know that these voter applications are not coming from our office,” Reeves said. “Of course, we encourage everyone to register to vote properly, but they should know that we do not mail out an official application unless it is requested from us.”

“These mailed voter applications are reportedly being sent to incorrect names and even to people who have been deceased for years, which means that the organizations are probably buying their mailing lists from some commercial establishment,” Reeves explained.

“In this era of voter fraud and accusations of improprieties within voter operations, we want to be extremely clear that these voter applications are not coming from our office,” Reeves said. “We would never try to register deceased voters. Thankfully, Kerr County has not one, but two CERA (Certified Elections/Registration Administrators) officials – Chief Deputy and Elections Coordinator Nadene Alford and Voter Registration/Elections Clerk Eva Washburn. They have completed multiple years of formal training so that they, and the rest of the Kerr County Elections Department staff, can ensure everything surrounding our local elections is done the correct, lawful way.”

Residents who want further confirmation that the notice appearing in their mailbox did not come from the official county elections department can check it two ways:

• Any official document/form mailed from the Kerr County Elections Department will contain the name Bob Reeves, county tax assessor-collector, in the return address line;

• The faux voter applications are usually a form of political advertising and are required by law to state that somewhere on the document itself. For instance, one of the mailings states “Pol. Ad Paid for by Engage Texas.”

All Kerr County residents who are registered to vote will be receiving the orange and white voter certificate within the next several weeks.

For information on how to register to vote correctly, please contact the Kerr County Elections Department, in Suite 124 of the Kerr County Courthouse, 700 Main Street, Kerrville, TX 78028. Or phone: 792-2242.

Additionally, the county’s website has links for voter registration application forms online at:

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