The Fit-4-Life program is currently accepting applications from interested individuals looking to push the restart button and get healthy.

The free program is a social service program provided through the Salvation Army of Kerrville, offered at the Kerrville Kroc Center.

Through this program, individuals with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are provided with the tools to become healthier and stronger.

Activities include exercising with a Certified Personal Trainer, learning how to go grocery shopping, reading nutrition labels, healthy cooking, and much more.

Through the year-long program, past graduates from Fit-4-Life have lost 50 pounds, 80 pounds, and over 100 pounds. Some have had their doctor-prescribed medications reduced by 50 percent.

The Fit-4-Life program is an intensive, life changing program, for those looking to change. Individuals interested in participating should pick up applications at the Kerrville Kroc Center, located at 201 Holdsworth Drive. Applications for the fall cycle, September-December, are due by Aug. 1.

Interested, but want more information? Contact Lance Wilke, Fitness Coordinator, at 315-5764 or via email at

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Lokesh Rahul

I have just enrolled myself in the Fit-4-Life program and it is already bringing some positive changes in my life. Once visit to read best reviews of students about online essay services. Participating in this social service program has given me a lot of benefit according to the fitness point of view.

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