Texas Arts & Crafts Fair Youth names winner

Cameron Williams was named the “Best of Show” artist in the Youth Art Competition sponsored by the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair.

Cameron Williams has received the “Best in Show” honor in the 2021 Youth Art Competition sponsored by the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair. The award carries a $250 prize.

Students from across seven counties participated in this first-year competition that was open to middle-school and high-school age artists.

Williams, 14, attends Najim Charter School in Ingram, where he is in the advanced art class. His winning entry, “Beyond this Earth” is a mixed media painting with poured elements. It will be on display in Tent B-12 at the fair, Sept. 25-26 at the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram.

Carol Priour, Williams’ art teacher, said her student is an artist and poet, who often accompanies his artwork with written commentary.

“Cameron is very intelligent, self-motivated, and introspective beyond his years,” Priour said. “He's fascinated by the universe and the things beyond the known. He likes to paint subjects like planets, stars and black holes.”

“He is also very compassionate and kind,” she said.

Priour shared an example of Cameron's writing: "Every life has its own Black Hole . . . an event in your life that's so stressful, so draining that you feel like you might collapse, just like a star (it's shining now but at any unforeseen moment, it could disintegrate). However, there is one thing that we must never forget . . . while every black hole draws in light, new stars are eventually created, with even more radiant light."

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