HC Crisis Council seeks items for shelter

Administrators at the Hill Country Crisis Council recently announced they are in need of some items for residents of their battered women’s shelter and are asking the Kerrville community for help.

Kim Olden, director of trauma services, sent out an email request to a wide range of contacts and supporters, saying, “We are in need of new bras, panties and socks of all sizes for our Emergency Shelter; and diapers of all sizes and ‘pull-ups’ for our children’s advocacy center.”

Olden said area residents who can help can call 257-2400 to schedule a drop-off for the undergarments; and call 895-4527 to arrange drop-off of the diapers.

“Thank you for assisting this silent population,” Olden said.

“Size doesn’t matter, and the bras don’t have to be fancy,” she said last week. “These are items an abused woman doesn’t think to grab when she makes the decision to leave home. If they grab any, they’re usually pretty old underwear.

“The Crisis Council typically doesn’t buy these items, but we have a closet with these necessities and other things including formula for babies, for the families to get items when they come to the shelter. And we don’t like people running around barefoot in the shelter.”

She said if people consider helping to fill this need, to not forget about the little boys to bigger boys they sometimes have staying there. They also need underwear for males.

She said the diapers are often needed at both the HCCC and at Kids Advocacy Place where specialized interviews and counseling take place.

The shelter can house up to 20 people; and often that includes family groups of a mother and her children that she has taken out of an abusive situation for the safety of all of them.

Olden said it’s possible to order items online through Walmart or Amazon, and ask to have the items mailed directly to a specified address. That works to the HCCC’s advantage, because some donors could order these needed items and pay for them online, and then ask that the packages be sent directly to the HCCC’s office address. Those donors wouldn’t need to deliver the donations.

Olden said she’s heard purses called “magic bags” and said sometimes when they have extra handbags or other purses, they have a “purse party” just for the fun of it, with whoever is staying at the shelter or someone there with a birthday.

And purses, depending on the size, can be a good portable storage bag for such emergency items as changes of underwear.  

Olden said donations of the underwear, socks and diapers can be taken in person to the administrative office at 429 Washington St., Kerrville, TX 78028.

For information about this donation request and other questions, call the HCCC’s administrative office at 257-7088. Olden’s extension number is 124.

The website for general information is www.hillcountrycrisiscouncil.com.

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