Local radio stations switch frequencies

Justin McClure, co-owner of JAM Broadcasting and popular radio personality, is excited about changes at the local radio station.

JAM Broadcasting has switched frequency locations for two of its three stations in a new plan enabling popular local programming to reach a greater number of listeners each day.

The company’s three stations – Rev-FM, The Buck and MikeFM — enjoy broad popularity both in Kerrville and in surrounding areas, said Justin McClure, CEO and co-owner, who owns JAM Broadcasting alongside his wife Leslie McClure, his sister Angela Krause and his brother-in-law Mike Krause.

Originally, The Buck could be found at 103.7 FM and MikeFM could be found at 99.1 FM. After the change, The Buck has moved to the 99.1 FM frequency and MikeFM is now located at 103.7 FM, 107.7 FM and 1230 AM. Rev-FM will remain at its original frequency, 94.3 FM.

“The same MikeFM programming will run on all three stations,” McClure told the Community Journal. “The reason there are (now) three stations is because each of those is a lower-power transmitter and doesn’t have as much coverage area as our two big transmitter stations.”

Since The Buck is one of the most listened-to stations with popular programming — predominantly Texas country music — it made sense to move it to “the bigger of our signals” to “have more coverage area,” McClure said.

He noted that 99.1 has a 23,000-watt signal, which covers all of Kerrville, Boerne and Fredericksburg, nearly up to Johnson City.

The Buck also won Media Market Station of the Year from the Texas Regional Radio Report in 2019, 2020 and 2022, with McClure himself awarded Media Market On-Air Personality of the Year.

The three lower-power transmitters of MikeFM together should reach a wider coverage area, McClure said, noting that 103.7 is licensed to Mountain Home and covers not only Mountain Home but Harper, Hunt, Ingram and most of Kerrville. Coupled with 1230 AM — Kerrville’s oldest radio station — the MikeFM programming will now easily reach all of Kerrville.

While the plan to switch frequencies has been in the works for several years, McClure said, longtime “Morning Mayhem Show” host Mikaela Taylor’s programming on MikeFM’s original frequency was so popular that he put the plan on hold.

But with Taylor’s recent move to Florida and the hiring of new morning hosts Ryan and Kim Pendergraft, it was time to make the change. On Jan. 8, JAM Broadcasting formally made the swap.

“We’re hoping that by giving 103.7 to the new format that we can grow the station bigger than we had it before, and we’re looking forward to getting the … music that we’ve been playing out there to an even bigger mass of people,” said McClure.

This is his 38th year in broadcasting and JAM Broadcasting is entering its sixth year in Kerrville.

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