Big week in ‘Safety Town’

 “Safety Town” student Osmar Munoz demonstrate to the class how to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency during the week-long educational event held at the Doyle Community Center.

Last week the Doyle Community Center regained a bit of its history as it hosted the “Safety Town” program for incoming kindergarten students sponsored by the Kerrville Police Department.

The historic Doyle campus, for several years in the late 1970s and 1980s, was the location of the KISD kindergarten program and many residents in the community are alumnus of the kindergarten period.

The Safety Town program has been used by other police departments around the country according to KPD Sgt. Jonathan Lamb, organizer of this week’s event.

“I saw on Facebook that Boerne police were bringing the program to their city,” Lamb said, “so I decided it would be a great opportunity for us to present it to Kerrville kindergarten students this summer.”

Lamb told the parents at the end of the four-day program that he wanted the children to understand that the police are their friends and that they could go to them when they needed help.

Several police officers, SRO officers and members of the Kerrville Citizen’s Police Academy Citizen on Patrol program helped with the event.

“I have really enjoyed working with the children this week,” said Betty Trejo, Citizen on Patrol member. Trejo also was a volunteer with the Junior Police Academy program for middle-school aged children held earlier in the summer.

The week began for the 11 kindergarten students with a program on the dangers of trying to pet or otherwise deal with stray or injured animals. Nichole Golden from the Kerr County Animal Control Services explained the dangers of rabies in wild and domestic animals.

Water safety, including appropriate behavior around pools, rivers and lakes and how to prevent accidents or drowning also were topics the first day.

On Tuesday a bus from the Kerrville Independent School District arrived at Doyle to take the children for a ride and to teach them appropriate bus behavior and how to follow a bus driver’s instructions. Brad Harvey, KISD Transportation Director, accompanied the bus driver on the trip and went over the rules the children will need to follow plus how to safely enter and exit a school bus.

Wednesday’s program provided by personnel from the Kerrville Police Department who taught the children traffic safety skills, including how to navigate stop signs, traffic lights, pedestrian rules and use of crosswalks. Also the police officers stressed the “stranger danger” issue and what the children should do should they be approached by someone or threatened by online predators.

“I learned a lot about fire safety, car safety and about stranger danger this week,” said Connor Robitaille, a kindergarten student from Harper. Connor’s father is a Kerrville police patrolman.

Additionally staff from the 911 office at KPD taught the children the appropriate way to use 911 in an emergency and stressed the circumstances when the child would need to use the 911 call service.

The final day’s activities included a visit from the Kerrville Fire Department personnel with  both a fire truck and ambulance.

Parents joined the children for a graduation ceremony at the end of the program. Each child was presented with a certificate.  An ice cream and cupcake party for the children and parents ended the week’s activities.

“This week was really fun. We all enjoyed it and want to do it again next year,” Lamb said.

Plans are already in place for another Safety Town program next summer, according to Lamb.

He also thanked the parents for sharing their children with the facilitators during the week and thanked all the volunteers who helped make the program a success. Personnel from several city departments, including the police department, fire department, and 911 dispatch, plus KISD personnel, a local game warden and animal control officers from Kerr County Animal Services made the program a success.

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Love this article. One thing that is my son Nate, not Osmar. 🤣🤣

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