Municipal court conducting warrant resolution drive

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The City of Kerrville’s Municipal Court is conducting a Warrant Resolution Drive from now through Oct. 15, focusing on anyone with outstanding warrants and encouraging the public to take necessary steps to resolve their cases with the Court.

There are approximately 1,028 outstanding warrants in Municipal Court with another few hundred that are waiting for warrants to be signed. These warrants span a time frame from approximately 2006 to the present. Individuals who are concerned that they may have an outstanding City of Kerrville warrant, or have received a violation and are unsure of what options are available, are encouraged to contact the Kerrville Municipal Court.

Individuals may appear in court to resolve their outstanding cases without the fear of being arrested. Defendants may also be eligible for alternative methods to discharging their fine and costs. If a defendant does not have sufficient resources to immediately pay all or part of the fine and costs, they may request extensions of time to pay, start a payment plan, or request community service to discharge all or part of their outstanding obligations.

The Kerrville Municipal Court encourages individuals to resolve their outstanding warrants promptly to avoid being arrested during the warrant enforcement period beginning Oct. 18.

Individuals with outstanding City of Kerrville violations have a variety of options to pay their citations:

• Pay in person at the Kerrville Municipal Court located at 301 McFarland St.

• Pay using the Kiosk located at 301 McFarland St.

•    Pay online at www.kerrvilletx. gov.\;

•    Mail payments to 301 McFarland St, Kerrville, TX, 78028.

Individuals seeking more information on outstanding warrants are encouraged to:

•    Contact the court office to speak with a Court Clerk at (830) 257-2388, (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.);

•    Email request or questions to;

•    Fax request to (830) 792-5773;

•    Drop Box available at 301 McFarland St. to submit paperwork.

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