Kerr County Specialty Court celebrates another graduate

On hand for the graduation ceremony were, from left, Andrea Bode, Lucy Pearson, Alaina Flores, Deborah Demerson, Hannah LeMeilleur, Judge Rex Emerson, Chad Warner and Stephen Harpold.

The Kerr County Specialty Court celebrated its third graduate with a ceremony on the evening of Aug. 24.

Hannah LeMeilleur successfully completed the extensive program and was subsequently released from her term of supervision. Participants in the program go through a variety of rehabilitative and cognitive programs, paired with intensive supervision to complete their requirements.  The level of care is based off of each participant’s level of need.  

The audience was welcomed by the Honorable M. Rex Emerson of the 198th District Court.

LeMeilleur’s counselor, Deborah Demerson, of Creekview Counseling, gave a speech honoring LeMeilleur’s achievements in her recovery.  

A before and after photo exhibition was presented during graduation documenting the extensive progress and improvement made. LeMeilleur then gave a tearful and emotional speech on her journey through addiction and the process getting through the Specialty Court Program, thanking her parents for their help and support along the way.

LeMeilleur was then presented with a plaque and challenge coin by Judge Emerson.  Concluding the evening, 198th District Attorney Stephen Harpold led the benediction, with light refreshments following.

Lemeilleur stated, “All of the support and accountability in the program made the program great.  It gives addicts a chance instead of locking them up to get the help that they need.”  For LeMeilleur the turning point was realizing that she was going to have to miss out on important family events and have to do hard time, along with a fear of dying.  “I don’t think I would have been able to get clean if it wasn’t for drug court.”

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