OLH celebrates students with annual  Academic Award Ceremony

OLH Recipients of the President's Award for Outstanding Achievement are, from left, (front row) Catherine Westfall, Elizabeth Villarreal, Nancy Garcia, Brianna Alcorta and Gracie Morris. Back row,  Zach Pardue, Clayton Gillen, Julian Garza, Sam Cummings, Dominic Civello, Dalton Herndon, Aaron Lehde, Matthew Romero and Alessio Wilson.

Our Lady of the Hills College Prep held a ceremony Monday to recognize the academic achievements of their students.

 The Academic Awards Ceremony is held every year to celebrate the students’ hard work. OLH Principal Therese Schwarz and Academic Director Jeannie Hilsabeck thanked recipients for their dedication to the school’s rigorous academic program.

“To succeed at OLH requires effort; to excel at OLH requires tremendous commitment,” said Schwarz. “I feel honored to be surrounded by this incredible group of students, truly men and women for others.”

Academic Achievement


Dominic Civello was announced as the OLH Class of 2021 Valedictorian. Gracie Morris earned 2021 Salutatorian.

The highest level of award is the President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence. These seniors have enrolled in challenging courses and maintained a cumulative four-year numerical average of 98 percent or more and have earned a score of 600 or above on the SAT in both English/Reading Writing and Mathematics.

The 2021 seniors receiving the President's Award for Academic Excellence were Matthew Cummings and Chase Ballay.

The President’s Awards for  Outstanding Achievement were awarded to  Brianna Alcorta, Dominic Civello, Sam Cummings, Lucy Fritz, Nancy Garcia, Julian Garza, Clayton Gillen, Dalton Herndon, Jessie Jimenez, Aaron Lehde, Gracie Morris, Zach Pardue, Matthew Romero, Elizabeth Villarreal, Catherine Westfall and Alessio Wilson.

Community Service Award recipients included Gracie Morris, Clayton Gillen, Dominic Civello, Noah Spino, and Jessie Jimenez.

Our Lady of the Hills requires 100 hours of community service for graduation which provides an ideal opportunity for students to celebrate the spirit of volunteering throughout the school, local community, and surrounding areas. These five students logged over 200 hours of community service during their four years at OLH.

The student with the most service hours in the senior class of 2021 is Jessie Jimenez with an incredible 1,137 hours of service earned throughout his four years at OLH.

Perfect Attendance Awards were presented to Joe Mein, Benjamin Lohmeyer, Jadon Way and Erica Guzman.

Honor Roll students were announced as Angela Zapata, Brooks Burrows, Deacon Cruz, Talan Hyde, Michael Chapman, Cody Church, Gracie Clark, Matthew Cummings, Lucy Fritz, Julian Garza, and Zach Pardue.

High Honor Roll students are Cris Angel, Belle Flores, Marcos Garza, Kendra Werlein, Elyse Cummings, Benjamin Lohymere, Fey Jung, Garret Reeh, Brady Yan, Sam Cummings, Dalton Herndon, Catherine Westfall, and Alessio Wilson.

High Honor Roll with Distinction students were named as Graham Ballay, Hailee Gooden, Jasmin Guzman, Jadon Way, Jake Mein, Jessica Mendiola, Elena Romero, Emma Cantu, Davis Clifton, Stephen Grocki, Erica Guzman, Evan Houdeshell, Baylee Kessel, Demetrios Lambdin, Joe Mein, Avery Morris, Kristelynn Northern, Kaiden Salaz, Charles Walker, Chase Ballay, Dominic Civello, and Gracie Morris.

Awards of Special Merit and Achievement

Zach Pardue was awarded the McLaughlin Doty Foundation Scholarship to continue his post-secondary education.

The Kiwanis Club of Kerrville presented Elena Romero the Sophomore of the Year Award.

Sam Cummings was awarded the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DAR) Good Citizens Award and Scholarship. This award recognizes and rewards individuals who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities. These students are selected by their teachers and peers because they demonstrate these qualities to an outstanding degree.

Clayton Gillen was presented the Exceptional Senior Award, an honor presented to stellar seniors across Texas’ 21st Congressional District for the graduating Class of 2021.

Exceptional Senior Award winners are students that have consistently displayed high levels of character, leadership, integrity, and diligence. These virtues were evident through their philanthropic activities, academic success, and reputations among peers and teachers.

The Father Edwin Vigil Scholarship was awarded to Elizabeth Villarreal.

Brianna Alcorta was presented the John Phillip Clough Memorial Scholarship as well as the Louella W. Beazley Memorial Scholarship, which honors students graduating from Kerr County who are pursuing a degree in the medical field.

Demetrios Lambdin was honored for becoming a published author in Theology Texts.

Dominic Civelllo, Aaron Lehde, and Brianna Alcorta earned the Community Foundation Scholarship for exemplifying good character, integrity, responsibility, leadership, and academic promise.

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