SU lecture series to feature Dr. Richard Winders

Schreiner University presents the Weir and Nell Labatt Distinguished Lecture Series, featuring Dr. Richard Bruce Winders – Visiting Scholar at The Texas Center - on Nov 10, at 7 p.m. virtually at This highly anticipated lecture is free and open to the public.

Winders, a noted authority in the area of Mexican-United States Borderlands, served as historian and curator at the Alamo for twenty-three years (1996-2019) before leaving to become an independent scholar and historical consultant. Among the projects he will pursue while at Schreiner University are a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Texas in primary and secondary schools, and a video series on the history of firearms that helped shape Texas history.

Texans know Antonio López de Santa Anna from his victory at the Alamo and his defeat at San Jacinto. However, this Mexican strongman, or caudillo, strode his country’s political stage from its independence from Spain in 1821 until his downfall in 1854. What enabled this controversial figure to dominate Mexico for more than thirty years? The answer to that question rests in understanding the society which produced him and allowed him to rise to power. It is also the story of the rising criollo class and its role in guiding Mexico on its tumultuous path to nationhood. To understand Santa Anna is to understand the early Mexican republic.

The Weir and Nell Labatt Distinguished Lecture Series was established by a generous gift from the late Nell Schreiner Labatt to bring motivational speakers to the Schreiner campus.

For more information on this event, contact Dr. Don Frazier, Director of the Texas Center at Schreiner University, at

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