Vehicles burglarized at LH Park

The entire window was broken out of this vehicle, allowing a thief to snatch the purse inside.

Kerrville Police Department officers are investigating what appears to be an isolated, targeted motor vehicle burglary spree that occurred in Louise Hays Park Saturday afternoon within a 45-minute period.

While I report often on crimes that occur locally, unfortunately I was directly involved as a victim of this crime while taking my daily walk along the River Trail.

Within the 30-45 minute span I was away from my vehicle, a thief broke out the windshield of my vehicle and snatched my purse.

Oddly enough, the weather was beautiful and the park was was bustling with activity and lots of people, yet this thief was able to be successful in his or her quest.

While I waited for a KPD officer to arrive, I met another lady, who looked as flustered as I was. She is a local elementary teacher out for a walk and now she has lost her purse, wallet and will spend a lot of time and effort cancelling credit cards.

She also had the window of her vehicle broken to allow the thief access to her belongings.

We were both parked in the front of the park’s main entrance.

Within minutes, KPD Officer Jeff Robitaille arrived on the scene and began taking statements from the two of us, beginning first with the school teacher.

By the time he came over to me, he had received calls that two other vehicles parked at the G Street lot of the River Trail had been burglarized.

We took photos of the damage and kind citizens came over to try to offer any intel they might have.

According to KPD Sgt. Jonathan Lamb, a total of four vehicles were burglarized at the two Louise Hays Park locations between 2-2:45 p.m.

“On Saturday, Jan. 21 at about 2:55 pm, officers responded to Louise Hays Park, 202 Thompson Drive, in response to a report of vehicles burglaries in the west parking lot at the park. Officers spoke with two complainants, who reported that sometime between about 2 p.m. and 2:45 p.m., their vehicles were broken into and in each case, a purse containing personal items were taken. In each case, a window was broken by an unknown object,” Lamb said. “While concluding their investigation at LHP, officers received another call for a vehicle burglary at the G Street Trailhead, 152 G. Street. Officers responded and discovered that two vehicles had been broken into. Officers spoke with both complainants, who also reported their vehicles were broken into between 2 p.m. and 2:45 p.m., and a purse was taken from each vehicle. These vehicles were also entered by having a window being broken.”

Lamb said officers received descriptions of persons and vehicles seen in the area round the time of the burglaries and the four cases have been sent to the KPD Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation.

“The vast majority of vehicle burglaries in Kerrville take place at night in residential areas, when unlocked cars are targeted. Daylight vehicle burglaries, especially involving forced entry, are fortunately rare here,” Lamb said. “KPD continues to advise people to take simple and common sense precautions: remove valuables from parked vehicles, if unable to take an item with you, hide it or lock it in the trunk if possible, and never leave your vehicle unlocked. Locking your car still remains the best deterrent to a vehicle burglary. And as always, we ask that citizens be vigilant and report suspicious activity.”

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