COVID-19 hospitalizations decrease slightly, another death recorded

In the week that has gone by since Kerr County’s last COVID-19 update, not much has changed with hospitalizations remaining at record highs.

As of today, Tuesday, Sept. 7, Peterson Regional Medical Center reported that it has 40 patients in the Kerrville hospital receiving treatment for COVID-19. Of those 40 inpatients, four are on ventilators, two are on Vapotherm and two are on high-flow oxygen. Three of the 40 patients had previously been vaccinated. (Vapotherm is a high velocity therapy for spontaneously breathing patients. It converts a patient’s nasal, oral and pharyngeal spaces into a reservoir of optimally conditioned gas and decreases the work involved in breathing.)

On Wednesday, PRMC reported two more patients being treated for COVID-19, bringing the total to 42, with three vaccinated.

“We are still seeing a high patient load, confirmed by Peterson Health, and we are still seeing a bunch of newly-infected cases that aren’t in the hospital,” said Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Kerr County had 174 active cases of the novel coronavirus – a number that is remarkably close to the 173 active cases reported during the county’s last update on Monday, Aug. 30.

“Bear in mind, though, that the state agency tends to lag in its report and that active number does not reflect the 75 new cases reported by Peterson Regional Medical Center over the weekend,” Thomas said. “Likewise, it doesn’t yet contain new numbers of confirmed positive cases from other testing entities, like private physician clinics, or even those who have been confirmed through home tests.”

Kerr County’s number of recoveries – those once positive for the virus who have since timed out beyond the virus’ short-term complications – is now at 5,244. That figure is up 153 individuals since the county’s last update eight days ago.

“While that is a sliver of good news in the overall picture, it is greatly overshadowed in my opinion by the fact that we have added four new fatalities to the county’s overall death toll. Our loss of Kerr County residents since the pandemic’s start has now grown to 106 – up four from our last report of 102 on Aug. 30,” Thomas said.

“The current situation in our county is this: We have some people who do recover, but we also have a fast-spreading virus affecting an under-reported segment of our population, high hospitalization numbers that are straining the local hospital staff and facilities to the max and more of our fellow residents dead from COVID-19,” Thomas said.

“We continue to recommend that people get fully vaccinated and that they buckle-down in following through on the safety precautions that we’ve all heard for the better part of two years now – wash your hands frequently, cover your face in public, social distance by at least 6 feet, disinfect your home and office spaces and vehicles, etc. Doing this may seem bothersome, but those are the best steps to helping protect not only yourself, but also those around you that you could spread the disease to who might not fare so well if they catch it,” Thomas said.

“Fortunately, we saw an additional 393 of our neighbors become fully vaccinated over the past week. I hope they and others continue to spread the word to their friends and family members so we can do a better job of keeping people who do catch the virus from becoming so ill that they need to be in the hospital or face death,” he added.

Kerr County, Texas – COVID-19 Update

As of Sept. 7, 2021

• 174 active cases of COVID-19, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. (*A increase of 1 case from the reported 173 cases on Monday, Aug. 30. A number that also does not reflect the 75 cases confirmed positive by Peterson Regional Medical Center over the weekend, not to mention an untold number of additional positives from other testing entities and, now that they are available, home test kits.)

• 5,244 recoveries (*Up 153 patients since Aug. 30.)

• 106 fatalities of permanent, Kerr County residents due to COVID-19 (*An increase of 4 people since Monday, Aug. 30.)

• 40 hospitalizations of patients currently receiving treatment for active COVID-19 in Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville (*An increase of 4 patients since the 36 reported Aug. 30.)

• 1,387 hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients across AACOG’s Region 6, which is comprised of Kerr County and 27 other counties. (*A decrease of 72 patients since Monday of last week, indicating that hospitalizations are going down in other counties, but not Kerr County.)

Vaccine Totals, Kerr County/Sept. 7, 2021

• 20,100 vaccines allotted to Kerr County, Texas

• 43,543 vaccine doses received by Kerr County residents (*Up 646 since the report on Monday, Aug. 30.)

• 24,801 people who have received at least one dose of vaccine (*Up 270 people since Aug. 30.)

• 21,005 locals who have been “fully vaccinated” (defined by the Centers for Disease Control as both shots of the 2-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or the 1-shot Janssen vaccine.) This figure is up by 393 people since Aug. 30.

Kerr County Breakdown into Age Divisions of

People Considered Fully Vaccinated – Sept. 7, 2021

• 12-15 years old – 407 people fully vaccinated

• 16-49 years old – 6,036 people fully vaccinated

• 50-64 years old – 5,358 people fully vaccinated

• 65-79 years old – 6,767 people fully vaccinated

• 80+ years old – 2,432 people fully vaccinated

• UNKNOWN – 5 people fully vaccinated

TOTAL: 21,005 people in Kerr County, Texas, fully vaccinated

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