KCSO investigation yields two arrests for sexual assault of a child

George Nolan Hines, 52, of Center Point, and Jacob Michael Overgard, 24, of Kerrville have been charged with charges of sexual assault of a child.

Kerr County Sheriff Larry Leitha is praising the determination and dedication of his investigators following the arrest of two men during an investigation into alleged sexual assault of a minor.

Leitha said the arrests were the result of a Kerr County Sheriff’s Office months-long investigation on multiple allegations of Sexual Assault of a Child.

“KCSO Investigator Greg Longenbaugh received information from Child Protective Services regarding a possible sexual assault of a minor under the age of 14,” Leitha said. “Through an extensive investigation, witness statements and evidence were obtained.”

The investigation resulted in the arrest of George Nolan Hines, 52, of Center Point, and Jacob Michael Overgard, 24, of Kerrville, Leitha said.

“The two arrests in this case are the result of the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office’s persistent pursuit of justice for this young crime victim,” Leitha said. “The message is clear … we will use all legal and investigative means to protect the children of Kerr County.”

Hines was charged with Sex Abuse of a Child, Continuous, Victim Under 14. He is currently in custody at the Kerr County Jail, being held on a $200,000 bond.

Overgard faces two counts of Violation of Probation for a previous case, as well as one charge of Sex Abuse of Child, Continuous, Victim Under 14. He is being held on bonds totaling $100,000.

“Our investigators did an excellent job and we appreciate the assistance of the Center Point ISD Police Department, Kids Advocacy Place and Child Protective Services. The public is safer today without these two individuals on the streets.”

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