Budgeting for the coming school year was center stage at the Kerrville ISD Board of Trustees meeting Monday, along with curriculum planning and “substantial completion” of the new Hal Peterson Middle School.

2021-22 budget update

Superintendent for Finance Jarrett Jachade gave budget update #5 on estimated tax rate, tax collections, tax rate compression, and revenue and expenditures.

The two biggest variables are “average daily attendance” sitting now at 4,450, he said, and property values which he listed at $3,369,000,000. The Kerr Central Appraisal District certified KISD’s property values earlier in July.

He told trustees they can probably expect the maintenance and operations portion of the tax rate to decrease from $0.915 per $100 valuation to $0.872.

The “interest and sinking fund” portion he listed as staying at $0.20 per $100.

That would make the total tax rate decrease from $1.115 to $1.072 per $100 valuation, he said.

He said they are budgeting based on local revenue of $28,500,000; and so far budgeting for this coming school year at $43,165,747, once state and federal program revenue is added in.

Expenditures are listed as substitute pay, benefits increase, pay raises, equity adjustments, some stipend increases, retention stipends, maintaining cleaning protocols, and addressing “learning loss.”

On Aug. 16, at 6 p.m., a public hearing for the proposed budget and tax rate will be followed by the trustees’ meeting.

Career & Tech

education certification

Assistant Supt. Heather Engstrom updated trustees on Career and Technical Education including those leading to certifications earned before graduation.

She said students in those classes were surveyed, especially about things they thought could be improved; and why each of them registered for a CTE class. More than half said the classes were related to their career interests, while others wanted to earn industry certifications.

Last school year 310 students earned 426 certifications from a list of more than two dozen certifications including Automotive Service Excellence and Microsoft specialist and expert rank with specific programs.

Academic Excellence

Committee report

Engstrom gave an overview of the 2020-21 Academic Excellence Committee’s work, and their next steps for the new school year.

They surveyed parents, students and staff to help determine the greatest needs for the district.

She said the members worked on “vertical alignment” for the #LitGrit Literacy Plan, Career and Technology Education, Pre-AP Focus Skills and Algebraic Thinking Skills related to the STAAR testing; Instructional Technology for professional learning; the Character and Kindness program; and programming for social and emotional learning.

Her presentation said they were trying to create wellness activities K-12 to address self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and decision-making.

Bond program update

With HPMS teachers starting to move into their classrooms last Monday, the Bond Project Update by Superintendent Dr. Mark Foust was down to one page of construction items at the new campus, new drone footage, and a list of “civil engineering projects” (repairs and smaller projects) at Nimitz, Tally and Daniels Elementary Schools declared on schedule and within budget.

The HPMS list included owners/architect punch re-walks; furniture installation almost complete; substantial completion declared July 9 with a temporary certificate of occupancy, final completion to be determined, some A/V equipment delayed by long lead times due to overseas shipping, and patio installation reworked due to moisture damage.

Sanctioned off-campus activity

Trustees approved a “Physical Education exemption – Off-Campus PE,” a program designed for students who are involved in a private or commercially sponsored physical activity program that leads to Olympic-level or equivalent high-caliber participation or competition.

These would be cooperative arrangements between the district, the student, and an approved off-campus agency.  

Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to receive substitution credit for PE requirements for this participation.

Category I would be Olympic-level for a minimum of 15 hours per week of intensive, professionally supervised training. Students at this level may be dismissed from school one hour per day, only during their physical education class time.

Category II would be private or commercially sponsored activities with the student participating at least five hours per week and not during the regular school day.

The agenda said middle school students may participate only in Category I OCPE.

Participating providers were listed as three gymnastics, dance, or shooting sports locations, one each in Boerne, Fredericksburg or Kerrville.


Trustees voted to replace Marty Lenard’s vacant seat on the Kerr Central Appraisal District Board with KISD Trustee Andree Hays, who said she’d be glad to serve there.

As a governing body, they also considered and approved the KCAD’s 2022 proposed budget, with the total for 2022 listed at $1,141,758. That includes 11 staff members’ salaries and benefits.

Upcoming events

The upcoming events report listed the “Convocation” for all KISD returning and new teachers and other staff on Aug. 13 at the Hill Country Youth Event Center.

Upcoming regular board meetings will be Aug. 16, Sept. 20 and Oct. 18.

Foust’s evaluation is scheduled Sept. 8 at a special meeting.

Open Forum

Under the Open Forum on Monday, three people spoke to Foust and trustees to request “UIL Equal Access” for home-schooled students in the Kerrville ISD boundaries, to provide more enrichment activities for their children.

Mario and Sandra Garcia and son Roman each asked Foust and the trustees to allow this participation under a new law passed by the Texas Legislature. They said the UIL organization needs an answer from KISD by Aug. 1, if Kerrville ISD trustees are willing to open their UIL programs.

The parents said they chose to home-school their children and have personally paid for activities in the Hill Country and as far as San Antonio; and that the public school district should be proud to include local home-schooled students.

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