Lions Camp board completes ‘Polar Bear Plunge’

Polar bear King and Queen Kent Basinger and Terry Hawkins fulfilled their “royal” duties by participating in a Polar Bear Plunge at the pool on the campus of the Texas Lions Camp. They were joined by Lions Camp board members, who were celebrating exceeding their fundraising goal of $250,000. The official New Year’s Day event was cancelled at Mo-Ranch due to COVID-19 concerns.

The Texas Lions Camp held its semi-annual Board Meeting, which played host to an incredibly special Polar Bear Plunge event recently.

Dressed in their plunge best, Polar Bear Queen Terry Hawkins, and Polar Bear King Kent Basinger jumped into the frigid 35-degree Texas Lions Camp pool to celebrate a successful Polar Bear Challenge.

Board members Tom Blase, Wes Carr, Gary Sult, Ken Jobe, and Bob Martin joined the plunge also.

While the official Polar Bear Plunge hosted by Mo-Ranch (set for New Year’s Day) had to be postponed due to COVID, the Polar Bear Court was able to complete the event at The Lions Camp to end the year-long fundraising event.

Texas Lions Camp was able to raise $315,450.92, far surpassing the goal of $250,000 put in place in 2020.

“I am very proud of TLC, the Polar Bear Court, Texas Lions and the many generous donors who responded to our invitation to become involved,” says Stephen Mabry, President and CEO of Texas Lions Camp. “In all, approximately 275 gifts ranging from $10 to more than $23,000 were given to support the effort. These funds have been given for and are restricted to TLC’s Building Fund, to help replace buildings that were severely damaged during the 2020 Spring thunderstorms at TLC.”

Texas Lions Camp expresses it sincere appreciation to the president and CEO of Mo-Ranch, Tim Huchton, Breanna Larsen, Jenna Carpenter, the selection committee, and everyone at Mo-Ranch for their choice of Texas Lions Camp as its beneficiary of its 2021 Polar Bear Challenge.

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