COVID-19 death toll rises to 9, 211 tested Monday

Locally, the county saw the number of daily positive COVID-19 cases rise from the previous days’ low numbers with the addition of 16 positive infections on Tuesday, Aug. 11, according to Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

Accounting for the majority of today’s higher number – 11 people – was the returned reports as a result of testing performed Aug. 5 during the Curative Inc. clinic held at the Hill Country Youth Event Center, Thomas explained. The remaining 5 new cases added today were reported through testing at Peterson Regional Medical Center, he said.

The bump in numbers pushed the county over the 400-case mark, bringing the pandemic total to date to 414 cases, Thomas said.

In all, since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, Kerr County has seen 6,473 tests administered looking for positive infections of the COVID-19 virus (not antibodies.)

Peterson Regional Medical Center and its system affiliates have performed the bulk of those tests at 4,151. Additionally, there have been 812 tests performed by Texas Military Forces in mobile clinics, 675 tests conducted in local nursing homes and 835 tests performed in the 2 clinics conducted so far by Curative Inc.

As of today, Peterson Health reports there are 6 people currently hospitalized in Kerrville receiving treatment for COVID-19. One of the patients is severe enough to be in the intensive care unit.

According to information from the Texas Department of State Health Statistics, Kerr County has 30 active infection cases (down from yesterday,) 387 recoveries (up from yesterday) and 6 fatalities.

Also today, Thomas updated the age breakdowns for those who have contracted the virus locally.

COVID-19 Local Age Statistics:

The following data is based on 253 cases for which information has been made available by Peterson Regional Medical Center. Again, this is not for all the cases to date, but those available from PRMC. (That is why we see only 2 deaths in these age brackets, but Kerr County has recorded 6 COVID-19 deaths so far.)

CONFIRMED # of COVID-19 Positive Patients by Age Bracket in Kerr County, Texas

0 – Younger than 1 year old

6 -- 1-9 years old

15 -- 10-19 years old

44 – 20-29 years old

45 – 30-39 years old

38 – 40 to 49 years old

35 (1 fatality) – 50 to 59 years old

22 – 60 to 64 years old

11 – 65 to 69 years old

11 – 70 to 74 years old

12 (1 fatality) – 75 to 79 years old

14 – 80 years old and older

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