Sheriff hosts awards luncheon

Kerr County Sheriff Larry Leitha and Chief Deputy Cris Lalonde awarded life-saving awards to Deputy Emilio Ledesma (top, left) Cpl. Alex Monroe (top, right) and Cpl Charlie Witt (bottom, left) as well as naming Administrative Secretary Sonya Hooten (bottom, right) as Employee of the Years during a formal luncheon held last week at Calvary Temple Church.

Kerr County Sheriff Larry Leitha hosted an awards luncheon for his staff last week, recognizing employees for certifications, years of service, commendations, “Employee of the Year” and presented three deputies with coveted life-saving awards.

Deputy Emilio Ledesma

Leitha honored Deputy Emilio Ledesma with a life-saving award for puling an injured man from burning vehicle following a crash in the Ingram area.

Leitha said the incident occurred in September when Ingram Police Department officers attempted to make a traffic stop on an individual driving a 2006 Town & Country minivan.

“This vehicle fled from officers onto the 100 block of Indian Creek Road in Ingram,” Leitha said. “Deputy Emilio Ledesma responded to assist, but upon arrival to the area, IPD officers had lost sight of the vehicle. Deputy Ledesma assisted in searching the area and the vehicle was located after having driven through a fence and caught on fire. Deputy Ledesma extracted the male from the burning vehicle. The subject had lost use of his legs and was unable to get out of the vehicle on his own.”

Leitha said Ledesma moved the man to a safe distance from the vehicle.

“Therefore, Deputy Ledesma’s actions qualify him for the life-saving award and bestows upon him the department and the county’s appreciation,” Leitha said.

Cpl. Alex Monroe

Leitha recognized KCSO Cpl. Alex Monroe with the life-saving award for his actions on April 27, 2013 when responding to a major accident on Interstate 10.

“The accident involved five motor vehicles and two pull-behind trailers, including a fully-loaded semi-truck and trailer that struck two off-duty Pasadena, Texas police officers who were attempting to assist others during the accident,” Leitha said. “Deputy Monroe, one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, encountered the extremely tense and dangerous accident scene with multiple victims, including a man who had a severely injured leg that was almost completely severed from his body. With the assistance of several individuals, Deputy Monroe was able to apply a belt, in the fashion of a tourniquet, to the limb to slow the bleed. Although the injured police officer eventually lost his leg, Deputy Monroe’s quick response saved the officers life.”

Leitha said in addition to helping the injured police officer, Monroe managed to assist in extracting two victims from the wreckage of other vehicles.

“Therefore, Deputy Monroe’s actions qualifies him for the life-saving award and bestows upon him the department and the county’s appreciation,” Leitha said.

Cpl. Charlie Witt

Leitha recognized Cpl. Charlie Witt for saving a woman’s life who was experiencing a cardiac episode at the Kerr County Courthouse on Feb. 10, 2012.

“Deputy Charlie Witt responded to the first floor of the courthouse for a medical emergency when a female county employee was found unresponsive,” Leitha said. “He observed the woman laying on her back, on the floor just inside the west entrance door. He immediately started CPR on the female and requested an Automated External Defibrillator. Deputy Witt was able to utilize the AED on the female until the arrival of the Kerrville Fire Department.”

Leitha said the woman was then transported to Peterson Regional Medical Center for treatment.

“Deputy Witt’s quick response and recognition of the severity of the medical emergency and immediate action resulted directly in saving the life of this female. A failure to act would have resulted in a tragic event,” Leitha said. “Therefore, Deputy Witt’s actions qualifies him for this life-saving award and bestows upon him the department and county’s appreciation.”

Employee of the year

Leitha named Administrative Secretary Sonya Hooten as the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office Employee of the Year, saying she has been invaluable during the transition from longtime Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer’s administration to his at the beginning of the year and touted her effort in helping him present his first budget to Kerr County Commissioners, saying she was able to work the numbers to get him “under budget.”

After receiving the award, Hooten said she was accepting it on behalf of all of the staff, because it takes all of the employees to make the department run smoothly.

Sheriff’s Commendable

Service Award

• Corrections Officer Justin Bragg;

• Deputy Trudy Allen;

• Deputy Michael Reyes;

• Investigator – Jonathan Edwards;

• Investigator – Cliff Hirl.

FTO certifcations for

corrections officers

• Corporal David Chupp;

• Corporal Richard Perez;

• Corporal Trevor Rainwater;

• Corrections Officer Jonathan Correa;

• Corrections Officer Kathryn Donoghue;

• Corrections Officer Zachary Fifer.

FTO certifcations for

patrol officers

• Corporal Frank Bigler;

• Corporal Robert Merritt;

• Deputy Daniel Cossu;

• Deputy Michael Reyes;

• Deputy Antonio San Miguel;

• Deputy Loammie Tejeda.

10 years of service

• Investigator Greg Longenbaugh;

• Administrative Deputy Clint Massingill;

• Deputy Emilio Vasquez.

20 years of service

• Jail Administrator - Syliva Foraker;

• Corporal Charlie Witt;

• Deputy Jimmy Vasquez;

• Deputy Albert Luebano.

30 years of service

• Capt. Scott Prout.

Master Jailer Certification

• Jail Administrator – Sylvia Foraker;

• Sergeant Donald Venable.

Intermediate Jailer


• Corporal Frank Bigler;

• Investigator Chris DeLuca;

• Deputy Eric Graham;

• Deputy Michael Reyes;

• Deputy Zachary Scott;

• Deputy Pat Taylor.

Advanced Peace Officer


• Corporal Frank Bigler;

• Investigator Chris DeLuca;

• Deputy Pat Taylor.

Master Peace Officer


• Sergeant Will Calcott;

• Investigator Jonathan Edwards;

• Deputy Michael Holzapfel;

• Deputy John Johnston;

• Investigator Greg Longenbaugh;

• Deputy Clint Massingill.

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