Water restored to the Summit subdivision;  City working to remove boil water notice

The City of Kerrville has announced that water service to the Summit subdivision was re-established last night. The Summit was the final area served by the city’s water department to have potable water restored.

The next step to be accomplished is lifting the current boil water notice, which hopefully will occur as early as Monday. The city’s surface water treatment plant has continuously maintained water quality at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality-approved chlorine levels, and distribution system pressures are continuously being maintained over 20 pounds per square inch (psi), which is mandatory for removing the water boil notice.

Today, city staff are continuing to flush lines, check chlorine levels, monitor the system via SCADA, respond to customer issues, and closely monitor pressures. Staff will be collecting and analyzing bacteria samples throughout the distribution system to verify our water is potable/safe to drink.

The city hopes to rescind the boil water notice once we get negative bacteria results. To read the boil water notice, please visit https://kerrvilletx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/36979/Boil-Water-Notice.

Again, we ask that citizens help their Kerrville neighbors by practicing extreme water conservation through the weekend. This will help the system continue to see improvements and shorten the need for the boil water notice.

If you still have a water outage within the city limits, please report it to 1-800-298-5910. Kerr County residents who live outside of the city limits should contact their service provider with any reports of water outages or requests for assistance.

For more information, please contact the City of Kerrville at (830) 257-8000; or email Scott Loveland, assistant director of Public Works, at scott.loveland@kerrvilletx.gov.

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