Schreiner, AUA College  of Medicine  announce med school partnership

American University of Antigua College of Medicine announced an agreement with Schreiner University.

American University of Antigua College of Medicine announced an agreement with Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas. This is AUA's first-ever agreement with an undergraduate university in the state of Texas, and Schreiner's first agreement with an international medical school located in the Caribbean.

The agreement, approved in June 2020 between AUA and Schreiner University, allows undergraduate students who meet AUA's admissions requirements the opportunity to attend AUA College of Medicine upon graduating college. Applicants from Schreiner will be given advanced admissions priority, along with an expedited application review, interview, and decision.

"Schreiner is delighted to form a partnership with AUA, because we see the tremendous opportunities for our students," said Diana K. Comuzzie, PhD, Developer of the Health Professions Program at Schreiner University. "I have been impressed with the success metrics I have seen in AUA graduates, and those closely align with the Schreiner focus on student success. Together, we can do great things to educate tomorrow's physicians."

Graduates of Schreiner will also be eligible for a Preferred Partner Grant, in addition to any scholarships earned at AUA.

"Schreiner University has been serving Texas students for nearly 100 years, and we're honored to count this top-tier university as our first academic partner in the Lone Star State," said Gerald J. Wargo, Jr., AUA's Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management. "Schreiner is well known for providing a high-quality education, and I look forward to meeting some of the school's talented students in the future."

Graduates of AUA have been licensed to practice throughout the United States, including Texas. AUA graduates are also eligible for licensure in Canada, India, and the United Kingdom.

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