County offers detail vaccination registration information for citizens

Kerr County officials announced more details today about how the Community Mass Vaccination Plan will work, noting that the call center will open Friday, but vaccines have not yet arrived, therefore the newly implemented call center will act as a COVID-19/vaccine hotline until appointments can be made for specific clinic dates.

The county has worked in partnership with the City of Kerrville, Peterson Regional Medical Center and H-E-B on a joint plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to our local citizens.

“The vaccine site for immunizations is set up and ready to go. We just need the vaccines,” said Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

“When vaccines are available and a specific vaccination date is set, an internet site will be made public so that citizens can schedule an appointment to receive their first of two doses. A toll-free 800 telephone number will be provided at the same time for those in our community who do not have internet access,” Thomas said.

When the date is set and citizens schedule their vaccine appointment, they will need to:

• Have their health insurance or Medicare information on hand when making the appointment,

• Print out their confirmation page and bring it with them to their appointment,

• Do not come early or late for the appointment – come at the assigned time. The idea of appointments is to avoid people congregated while waiting.

The website and the phone number will be announced well in advance of any vaccination clinic dates so everyone will have them, but those will not be released until the dates are set, Thomas stated.

Once the vaccines are available, the community’s public health leaders said they estimate their plan will have the capacity to perform 800-1,000 shots each day.

“Right now, we’re ready to go when doses become available to our county,” Thomas said. “The proper paperwork has been filed to receive the vaccines, the sites are cleared and prepped and the people who will deliver the vaccines are briefed and ready to go. We just have to wait until we get enough doses.”

For anyone who has concerns or needs further information about the clinics or vaccines, an information-only phone bank is being established.

The call center will open Friday, Jan. 22, and will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.

“Again, you will not be able to schedule a vaccine appointment through the phone bank,” Thomas said. “That phone number and online portal will be announced once we have a vaccine clinic date is set.”

Anyone seeking information from the call center, may phone any of the following telephone numbers, starting this Friday:

• 1-830-315-5900

• 1-830-315-5901

• 1-830-315-5902

• 1-830-315-5903

• 1-830-315-5904

Stay In The Know with CodeRed

“Anyone who wants to receive notices about the vaccine clinic dates, the phone number and/or website to use for making a vaccine appointment (once the dates are set,) future COVID-19 testing in our area or other important emergency notices, I would recommend strongly that they sign up for the CodeRed emergency notification system,” Thomas said.

To sign up for the free CodeRed system, visit the Kerr County, Texas, website at: Also, the link to CodeRed is on the City of Kerrville website under the “Helpful Links” at the bottom of the home page.

COVID-19 Update

As of the end of day today, Jan. 19, the following COVID-19 numbers in our community were reported by Thomas to be as follows:

• 332 ACTIVE cases

• 31 NEW CASES reported today

• 3,026 RECOVERIES of COVID-19 cases

• 28 HOSPITALIZATIONS at Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville

• 60 FATALITIES of permanent, Kerr County residents (11 deaths were reported to the county by the Texas Department of State Health Services on Monday, Jan. 18. Thomas said he believes the majority of these were nursing home fatalities that are just now making it to the state agency’s “dashboard” of data.)

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