Attempted child abduction reported, KPD arrests suspect

Kaleb Horner was arrested Friday and charged with "“Enticing A Child Away From Custodian."

The actions of a concerned parent, observant citizens and determined Kerrville Police Department officers led to the arrest of a Kerrville man accused of trying to lure a 12-year-old boy from Louise Hays Park.

On Thursday evening, a frazzled mother, Megan Lane Murray, posted the following on social media:

“A man tried to abduct my 12-year-old son from the river less than an hour ago. He has dark hair with curls about an inch from the shoulders, white T-shirt and carrying bread to “feed the birds” I was at the park across the way with (her daughter) and he approached (her son) who was fishing and showed him money and told him if he would go up to the library park he would give him $2,000. We just left the police station to make a report and they are looking for him.”

Shortly after this post, other citizens chimed in noting they had seen the incident and a second report was claimed of a similar situation by the same person.

On Friday morning, Kerrville Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Jonathan Lamb responded to a request by the Hill Country Community Journal about the alleged incident.

“An officer met with a complainant regarding this yesterday evening. Officers responded to the park and the area of the library and were unable to locate anyone matching the description. We have increased our patrolling of the park and are keeping an eye out,” Lamb said.

Early Saturday morning, Murray posted a following up statement on social media stating: “I am elated and relieved that BOTH the suspects in the attempted abduction of my 12-year-old son yesterday at Louis Hays Park around 7:45 pm and his accomplice, who was in the car have been identified and arrested. A Huge thanks to You All so much for coming together as a community and sharing my worked!!”

Murray went on to praise the persistence and dedication of KPD officers.

“Big Thanks to the Kerrville Police Department for listening and putting this puzzle together quickly, and letting everyone know that Kerrville does not put up with this and we will protect our children,” Murray said.

According to Kerr County Jail records, Kaleb Daniel Horner, 29, was arrested on Friday and charged “Enticing A Child Away From Custodian.” Horner remains in custody at the Kerr County Jail pending a $25,000 bond.

This afternoon, Lamb confirmed that Horner was the suspect in the reported attempted abduction and stated a second individual was taken into custody as well.

"Based on information KPD received Thursday evening, KPD officers and CIU investigators initiated an investigation, which led to the identification of the subject who had allegedly approached a child at Louise Hays Park," Lamb said. "An arrest warrant for Enticing a Child was issued for Kaleb Horner. Friday evening, officers and investigators located Horner at a residence in the 400 block of Dean Street and arrested him. Also arrested was Daniel Vaughn, who was charged with Hinder Apprehension, Possession Controlled Substance PG1, Possession of Dangerous Drug and Resisting Arrest."

More information will be reported when available.

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