First baby of 2023

jose carlos martinez (above) was celebrated as the first baby born at Peterson Regional Medical Center in 2023. At left, Cory Edmondson, Peterson Health president/CEO, presents mother Zaida Mariscal with a gift basket, which is a tradition within the hospital.

Baby Jose Carlos Martinez arrived on Jan. 2 at 5:58 p.m. to become the first baby to be born in Kerr County at Peterson Regional Medical Center.

His mother, Zaida Mariscal, is a native of Durango, Mexico, and was visiting Jose’s grandmother for the holidays in Kerrville.

“I was just visiting grandma for Christmas and New Year,” Zaida said. “He (Jose) was supposed to arrive on Jan. 14, but he decided to show up the beginning of the year.”

Although he was a little premature, Jose weighed in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces and was 18 inches long and healthy.

As a new, first-time mom, Zaida said her first night with Jose was a little scary, but that he is a great baby.

Zaida was surprised to learn that Jose was the first baby of the new year to be born at PRMC and was not expecting so much attention.

“I was so surprised. I never imagined that. I just came for vacation and now my baby is going to be a little famous,” Zaida said.

As is tradition, Peterson Health President/CEO Cory Edmondson presented Zaida with a gift basket filled with fun baby items, such as booties, bottles, baby blankets, stuffed animals and snacks.

“It’s always exciting to welcome a new baby to the community, to the area and to the world, for that matter, and to see the smiling faces and the joy that brings,” Edmondson said.

Charisse Leach, Peterson Health Director of Women’s Services, said Jose was the only baby born on Jan. 2.

“We love all of our patients and we are so grateful to be able to share this experience with them,” Leach said. “This girl (Zaida) is just so precious and sweet.”

Because Jose’s birth was a surprise, Zaida said she is in hurry to get back home and introduce Jose to his dad.

“Since we are getting discharged today (Jan. 3), we are going to go back to Mexico, because his dad is very excited to meet him,” Zaida said.

While in the hospital, Zaida said she has been using FaceTime to communicate with the baby’s dad, but can’t wait for the two to meet.

Jose is the fifth grandchild on his father’s side, and is the first grandchild for Zaida’s parents.

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