City reaches agreement on  Loop 534 Aerial Pipe Bridge

Heavy flooding in 2018 caused catastrophic damage to pipe bridge.

The City of Kerrville has reached an agreement with Freese and Nichols, Inc., that will help provide for an upgrade to the damaged Loop 534 Aerial Pipe Bridge at no cost to the city.

The original pipe bridge, which was designed by Freese and Nichols, was completed in mid-2018 as part of the City of Kerrville’s reuse distribution system project at a cost of approximately $700,000. The bridge suffered major flood damage in October 2018, forcing the removal of the bridge and pipe infrastructure in early 2019.

With the help of Freese and Nichols, the city received a $1.5 million Texas Water Development Board Disaster Recovery Grant awarded in two phases in late 2019 and early 2020 for construction of new pipe infrastructure to cross the Guadalupe River attached to the existing Loop 534 TxDOT bridge. The new infrastructure installation was designed by Kimley-Horn and is anticipated to be built by SJ&J Construction.

In addition to the TWDB grant, which provided funding for full reimbursement of the necessary infrastructure removal and the re-engineering and reconstruction of the upgraded installation, Freese and Nichols also provided $80,000 in gratis staff time for engineering and contract administration for the removal of the damaged infrastructure, and an additional $45,000 in gratis staff time to support the TWDB grant submittal. As part of the agreement, Freese and Nichols has also agreed to reimburse the city $85,000 for forensic material testing and legal fees.

The outcome of the $1.5 million TWDB Disaster Recovery Grant is that the community will receive an upgraded infrastructure installation that will allow for the construction of a safer and more disaster resistant project that is less prone to future flood damage, at no new cost to the community.

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