UGRA celebrates premier of ‘Deep in the Heart,’ currently showing locally

“deep in the heart,” a full-length motion picture narrated by Texas native Matthew McConaughey, is playing in theaters now and features the work of UGRA’s Tara Bushnow

“Deep in the Heart” is a visually stunning celebration of what makes Texas unique — its diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife behavior that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Told through the eyes of wildlife species ranging from the mysterious blind catfish to the elusive mountain lion, the story follows our ever-changing relationship with the natural world and showcases our ability to destroy, conserve, and recover wildlife and the habitat we mutually depend on.

Narrated by Matthew McConaughey and featuring state-of-the-art cinematography, this family-friendly film journeys from the highest peaks in West Texas, through our aquifers, rivers, and bays, and deep into the Gulf of Mexico.

“Deep in the Heart” aims to conserve our remaining wild places, to show the connectivity of water and wildlife, and to recognize Texas’ conservation importance on a continental scale.

Our own Guadalupe Bass is one of the wildlife stories highlighted in Deep in the Heart.  

The Guadalupe Bass is a Central Texas native, our state fish, and an indicator species for healthy rivers and streams.  The presence of thriving populations of Guadalupe Bass suggests excellent water quality and a healthy watershed.  

In 2005, UGRA teamed up with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Hill Country Fly Fishers to increase the number of Guadalupe Bass stocked in the upper Guadalupe River basin.  Since the 1970s, hybridization with the introduced Smallmouth Bass had diminished populations of our native Guadalupe Bass.  

During the past 15 years, nearly 600,000 Guadalupe Bass have been stocked in Kerr County and monitoring indicates hybridization rates have declined.  Our watershed stewardship choices will help ensure the upper Guadalupe River basin stays healthy and continues to support a diverse ecosystem including Guadalupe Bass.  

“Deep in the Heart” is currently showing at Rio 10 Cinema in Kerrville.

For showtimes and tickets, visit:

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