County provides water update for Aqua Texas customers

As freezing temperatures and icy conditions continue to cause a state of emergency in Texas, water utility crews from Aqua Texas are responding and restoring service to customers as quickly as possible when it is safe to travel.

Aqua operates many well water systems statewide that require electricity to operate and deliver water to homes and businesses. As rolling power outages are underway to manage electricity demand, power loss to some Aqua systems has been ongoing. There is also the possibility that systems that had water service previously restored could lose service again because of these rolling power outages. If customers currently have water service, Aqua recommends filling bathtubs and containers with water, which can be used for bathing.

When water service is restored, Aqua asks customers to disinfect tap water by boiling it. Purify all water that could be ingested — through uses such as drinking, cooking, brushing teeth or making ice — by bringing it to a rolling boil for two minutes and letting it cool before consuming it. It is better that young infants and pregnant women use bottled or stored water instead of boiled tap water whenever possible for drinking and cooking until the boil water advisory is lifted. Aqua will test water samples and notify customers when they no longer must boil their water.

Aqua also asks customers to sign up for WaterSmart alerts, an automated service designed for quick, reliable communication about water quality and service in case of disruption. Aqua’s WaterSmart alerts are delivered by phone, text or email.

Aqua reminds customers that sub-freezing temperatures can cause household pipes to burst and quickly cause damage. If customers can locate the frozen area of a pipe, and if their home has power and water service, they can turn on a spigot and use a hand-held hair dryer (blow dryer) or heat tape to thaw the area. If this does not resolve the issue, contact a licensed plumber.

Aqua Texas serves about 200,000 people in 54 counties statewide. Customers can find water service updates on the Texas page of and on and

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