COVID-19 cases decrease, death toll rises

With nearly half of its population over the age of 12 years old now fully vaccinated, Kerr County is still seeing its active cases of COVID-19 decrease, albeit slowly, its hospitalization numbers hanging steady and its pandemic death toll rising.

As of Tuesday, Oct. 12, the Texas Department of State Health Services reported there were 204 active cases in the county. “That number is down by some 37 cases since our last report, issued on Oct. 4,” said Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

Peterson Health reported 14 patients hospitalized today in its Kerrville facility receiving treatment for active COVID-19. That represents an increase of 3 inpatients, but there are fewer extreme cases since only 2 require treatment in the ICU, Thomas said.

The county’s total number of fatalities increased to 125, from the 119 reported a week ago. “That means that, in just this past week, we’ve had 6 additional deaths of county residents due to COVID-19 entered into the state’s database – whether they died locally or in an out-of-county facility or other location,” Thomas added.

“Overall, we are seeing this latest surge of the pandemic slowly dissipate, but not as fast as we wish it would. Any deaths are too many,” Thomas added. “We continue to encourage people to get vaccinated and for citizens to continue with the same proven safety precautions that we’ve been relating since this whole thing started last year – washing hands frequently, covering your face when in public, socially distancing by 6 feet or more, disinfecting work/home spaces and vehicles, etc.”

In the past week, Kerr County saw 215 more individuals become fully vaccinated for a total of 22,907, or 49.7% of the county’s population aged 12 years and older (the only ages that currently qualify for the vaccines.) Perhaps more significantly, though, there was a gain of 611 individuals who received their first doses, indicating that citizens are continuing to seek out the protection.

“There are no 100% guarantees in this life. Yes, people who have been vaccinated have gotten the virus. It is not a guarantee, but right now, it is one of the best ways proven to protect people from getting it and, if they do get it, from their case getting severe,” he said.

“We respect that the choice to get a vaccine is a personal one, but we encourage anyone who has questions about it and how it relates to their own health to contact their trusted doctor for more information,” he said.

Kerr County, Texas – COVID-19 Update

As of Oct. 12, 2021

• 204 new active cases of COVID-19, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. (*Down 37 cases since the county’s last report on Monday, Oct. 4.)

• 6,072 recoveries (*An increase of 171 people who were confirmed positive for the virus, but who have since “timed out” beyond its short-term effects since the county’s last report of 5,901 on Oct. 4.)

• 125 fatalities of permanent, Kerr County residents due to COVID-19 (*An increase of 6 more local people whose deaths from the virus have been entered into the system since Monday of last week.)

• 14 hospitalizations of patients currently receiving treatment for active COVID-19 in Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville (*An increase of 3 patients since Oct. 4. Of those 14 patients, 2 were in the hospital’s ICU. Two patients were on ventilators, 4 were fully vaccinated. The hospital reported 3 new active cases today.)

• 494 hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients across the 28-county region that includes Kerr County. (*This figure represents a decrease of 351 patients since the 845 patients in the county’s last report. That means that COVID-19 patients are now taking up 7.6% of the capacity of hospital facilities across the region – down from the 9.3% reported Oct. 4.)

Vaccine Totals, Kerr County/Oct. 12, 2021

• 20,100 vaccines allotted to Kerr County, Texas

• 47,697 vaccine doses received by Kerr County residents (*Up an astounding 611 individuals since the county’s report last week on Monday, Oct. 4.)

• 26,070 people who have received at least one dose of vaccine (*Up 156 people since the start of last week.)

• 22,907 locals who are now “fully vaccinated” (defined by the Centers for Disease Control as both shots of the 2-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or the 1-shot Janssen vaccine.) This figure means 215 people became fully vaccinated over the last week.

Kerr County Breakdown into Age Divisions of

People Considered Fully Vaccinated – Oct. 12, 2021

• 12-15 years old – 625 people fully vaccinated

• 16-49 years old – 7,024 people fully vaccinated

• 50-64 years old – 5,747 people fully vaccinated

• 65-79 years old – 6,998 people fully vaccinated

• 80+ years old – 2,508 people fully vaccinated

• UNKNOWN – 5 people fully vaccinated

TOTAL AS OF 10-12-21: 22907 people – 49.70% of the population over 12 years of age -- in Kerr County, Texas, is fully vaccinated

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