Citizens asked to report damages in effort to receive federal aid

Anyone who owns property in Kerr County and suffered damage from the recent extreme winter storm is being urged by local officials to report those damages in the hopes that it will lead to federal aid for individuals.

“Currently, Kerr County is approved for public assistance only, and that means federal funds will be made available to repair infrastructure damaged by the winter disaster. To help individual residents and business owners, we’re asking everyone to report their damages in the hopes that our county’s citizens will also qualify for individual assistance. That would come in the form of federal funds directly to individuals to help them repair and rebuild sooner rather than later,” said Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

To report storm damage, call the toll-free number: 1-844-844-3089. Or, report damages using the online survey at .

“Again, it is important that every single person who saw damage to their homes or workplaces report that damage to through the above listed methods,” Thomas said. “If we get enough people to report their damages, we hope to qualify for FEMA individual assistance.”

Currently, citizens are discouraged from using the FEMA website or to report their damages, because Kerr County has not been approved for individual assistance at this time and efforts directed toward those portals will reach dead ends.

Please use the phone number of

“The results of the survey will let the State of Texas and FEMA know the extent of the damages to residences and that we need individual assistance,” Thomas said. “For anyone who is interested, I’ve included a flow chart that visually maps out how the individual assistance process works.”

Farmers, Ranchers

Any farmers or ranchers in Kerr County who may have lost crops or livestock due to the storm, there are separate federal assistance programs available to them, as well, Thomas said.

The USDA Farm Service Agency for this area – the Kerr-Bandera County Farm Service Agency, is located at 2104 Memorial Boulevard in Kerrville. It may be reached by calling 830-896-4911, extension 2. Its mailing address is 2104 Memorial Boulevard, Ste 105, Kerrville, TX, 78028.

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