Teacher Feature: Skye Farhoudi

School: Nimitz Elementary School.

Subject taught: Second grade

Years teaching: One year.

Years at school/district: One year.

College: I have a bachelor of arts in multi-disciplinary studies from Schreiner University.

Reason you chose a career in education: Everyone in my family is a teacher, and I thought I didn’t want to be one. Plus, I already had a career as a hair stylist, and was married with kids, so I decided there was no way I could become a teacher. I love working with kids, though, through volunteer organizations, so my husband convinced me to talk to Schreiner University about it. They made it so easy, I signed up that day.

Most enjoyable part of teaching: Building relationships with the kids.

Hardest part of teaching: Keeping up with everything and staying organized.

If I could change one thing in education it would be: I would like to see smaller class sizes, so I could focus my energy on each of the kids in class.

Other duties at school: This is my first year, and I think they’re letting me off easy without extra assignments.

Hobbies/interests: Watching my three kids play soccer, whichever tournament they are in.

Personal history: I was born in Texarkana, but we moved to Mason when I was two. I was home-schooled through 2013, then went to Conlee's College of Cosmetology.  While I was there, I met Kamron Farhoudi. His grandparents, Bill and Kay Conlee, started the school. On our first date we took Subway sandwiches to Flat Rock Park, and I discovered his sense of humor. I graduated from Conlee’s in 2014, and we were married April 1, 2017. We now have three children. Ryland is a freshman at Tivy High School, Ethan is an eighth-grader at Hal Peterson Middle School, and Lyla is a sixth-grader at B.T. Wilson. I graduated from Schreiner, and now I’m in my first year of my teaching career at Nimitz.

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