School: Early Childhood Center.

Subject taught: Three-year-old students.

Years teaching: 21 years.

Years at school/district: One year.

College: I have a bachelor of Science in multidisciplinary studies from Texas Tech University.

Reason you chose a career in education: Ever since I was little I wanted to teach. I get to make a difference in my students’ lives, and it’s fun.

Most enjoyable part of teaching: Every day is a new day as I see my students grow. It makes me want to be a life-long learner.

Hardest part of teaching: Accepting that there are things about my students that are out of my control, and trying to find the right balance between family and work.

If I could change one thing in education it would be: Maybe because I was not a good test-taker, I would like to change the state assessments to find other ways to define what a student is.

Other duties at school: I am on the Curriculum Committee, and I also teach the three-year-old students on virtual learning.

Hobbies/interests: I love trout fishing, and spending time with my husband, my kiddos, and my grandbaby.

Personal history: I was born in Alberta, Canada, but we moved to Brownsville when I was five. Then when I was in the sixth grade we moved to San Antonio. While I was at Judson High School I was already working as an early childhood classroom assistant. I graduated in 1996, then went to work at the Change the World Learning Center in SA. I met Brandon Rowan at Midnight Rodeo, a Country and Western club, and he asked me out to dinner. I moved to Ingram in 2002, and married Brandon in 2003. I worked at the Zion Lutheran Children’s Center, then opened my own credentialed center, the Tree House, and ran it for eight years. I took classes from Texas Tech online, and finished my degree at Texas Tech in Fredericksburg in 2018. Then I worked for Notre Dame School for two years, first teaching fourth grade, then third and fourth grade math and science. Mrs. Alejandro brought me to the ECC this fall. Brandon and I have three children. Adrianna works for a Kerrville pediatric dentist, and has three-year-old Bentley. Mason is a senior at Ingram Tom Moore, and looking at going into welding. He entered a truck headache rack in the last stock show, and won a scholarship. My twins, Liam and Thatcher, are fifth-graders at Ingram Elementary.

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