Habitat celebrates completion of 115th house

The Lerma family, Amy Carrillo-Lerma and Gabriel Lerma, along with their two children, Aiden and Alliyah, took possession of their Habitat for Humanity home Saturday morning.

Habitat for Humanity Kerr County hosted a house blessing ceremony of its 115th house. James Avery’s Forging Hope charitable giving program sponsored this home, which is located in the Maud Jennings development of Kerrville.  

The ceremony was held at 124 Glenn Court on Saturday, May 29, at 10 a.m.  The public was invited to join Habitat for Humanity and James Avery’s Forging Hope in welcoming home Amy Carrillo-Lerma and Gabriel Lerma, along with their two children, Aiden and Alliyah.

“Our family is very thankful and blessed to finally have a place to call ‘our’ home.  Our children will have their own room and a yard.  Our children and grandchildren will be able to go play outside.  People who live in an upstairs apartment will understand when I say, ‘What a blessing it will be when I say the kids can jump inside and it will all be okay.’  We want to say a special thank you to the board members, all the volunteers, donors, and last but not least, our family and friends that helped us accomplish this dream,” Amy Carrillo-Lerma said.  

The spirit of giving and forming relationships is an integral part of Habitat for Humanity’s mission.  Habitat seeks to bring hope to individuals and to build lives, families and communities.  Habitat empowers those who may have been trapped for generations in the devastating cycle of poverty.  By working in partnership with those families to help them realize the dream of homeownership, Habitat helps build self-esteem and self-reliance while restoring hope for a brighter future.

Habitat for Humanity makes homeownership possible for lower-income families who cannot qualify for commercial loans.  Habitat homeowners must make a down payment and monthly mortgage payments, but the payments are lower than traditional mortgages because Habitat houses are sold at no profit.  Habitat for Humanity screens homeowner applicants for need, ability to repay their loan and willingness to partner.  In addition to the down payment and mortgage payments, homeowners must invest their own labor—sweat equity—into building their houses and the houses of others.  This labor reduces the cost of the house, increases the pride of ownership and fosters the development of positive relationships.  

Habitat for Humanity Kerr County was organized in 1989 and is a self-sustaining affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a worldwide organization with the mission of eliminating sub-standard housing in our world.  Habitat is grateful for the financial support of donors and the many volunteers who work tirelessly to help put God’s love into action and bring the people in the Kerr County community together.

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