Maguire rules from the 198th District Court bench

198th District Judge Pat Maguire points to an accomplishment 25 years in the making, his nameplate on the District Court judge’s bench.

Judge Pat Maguire says the 198th District Court is a “court of general jurisdiction” covering Kerr and Bandera counties. That means he will be dealing with both civil and criminal cases, covering just about every kind of dispute that needs to be resolved in a court. Civil cases arise out of disputes between two or more private parties, like “Smith v. Jones.” Criminal cases involve someone who is on trial for breaking the law, and are like “The State of Texas v. Jones.”

“The private parties in a civil case may be persons, organizations, and sometimes government,” he says. “The party who starts the lawsuit becomes the plaintiff, and the other party the defendant. The role of the court, and ultimately the judge, is to decide what the rights of each party are, and issue a court order. Penalties assessed can be monetary damages, where the responsible party has to pay for harm they caused. The court can also provide injunctive relief, an ‘injunction’ ordering a party to do something, or refrain from doing something.”

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