Teacher Feature: Carolina Espinosa

School: Tivy High School.

Subject taught: Spanish.

Years teaching: 11 years.

Years at school/district: Five years.

College: I have a bachelor of science in agriculture from Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School, and a master of science in forestry biotechnology from Purdue University.

Reason you chose a career in education: When I moved to Texas I discovered I wanted to work with people instead of in a lab. My desire to teach led me to change careers to education.

Most enjoyable part of teaching: I enjoy teaching kids about different parts of the world so they learn about different cultures, histories, and geography. I love to see their understanding grow from Spanish 2 to Spanish 4.

Hardest part of teaching: Motivating some students who don’t see the need to learn a second language.

If I could change one thing in education it would be: I think it would be better to start students on a second language in elementary school.

Other duties at school: I created a chapter of the Spanish Honor Society at Tivy, and I’m the sponsor.

Hobbies/interests: I love spending time with my young daughters riding horses and running.

Personal history: I was born in Quito, Ecuador, where I went to the American School of Quito, graduating in 1997. I earned my BS at Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School in Honduras, then went to Purdue University in Indiana for my masters. Dan Daugherty was also at Purdue studying fishery science, and we met while hanging out in the graduate student office. He asked me out to dinner in 2002. I worked in the labs at Virginia Tech for two years. We married in 2007, and came to Texas when he graduated and went to work for Texas Parks and Wildlife as a fish biologist at the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center in Mountain Home. I decided to switch fields and become a teacher, and earned my alternative certification in 2008. I started teaching in 2009, and came to THS in 2015. I became a U.S. citizen in 2012. We have two daughters. Andrea goes to Tally Elementary, and Camila attends Children’s Ark.

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