Teacher Feature: Ceclia Stone

School: Notre Dame Catholic School.

Subject taught: Religion.

Years teaching: One year as a teacher, and 21 years as an aide.

Years at school/district: One year.

College: I have a bachelor in applied arts and sciences from Lamar University.

Reason you chose a career in education: I love working with kids, and being a big part in their lives.

Most enjoyable part of teaching: As a religion teacher I get to share my faith and my love for Christ.

Hardest part of teaching: Nothing yet.

If I could change one thing in education it would be: I would like to bring education back to being fun, like it used to be.

Other duties at school: I help out wherever I’m needed.

Hobbies/interests: My hobby is cross-stitching quilts.

Personal history: I was born and raised in Kerrville. When I was going to high school, I worked after classes at child care centers. I graduated in 1994, with Tivy’s 100th class. I was in H-E-B one day when my sister, Sharon Harris, introduced me to Ronnie Stone, and that was it. We married April 22, 1995. Ronnie graduated from Tivy in 1992, but we never met there. I started working on my college degree from Lamar University in 1997. We moved to Dilley in 2000, where I found a job at a child care center. In 2002 I was hired by Dilley ISD as an aide in the high school library, and I worked there for 16 years. I was also active at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church with the youth programs. We moved back home to Kerrville in 2020, and I worked as an aide in Ingram ISD for 2020-2021. My mother, Therese Goodman still lives here. There were times in my life when I felt like giving up on college, but I never quit. I finally graduated May 14, 2021, and became a teacher at Notre Dame. Our first son, Dylan, lives in Oklahoma, where he works at PetSmart while attending college. Kyle, our second son, is a licensed electrician in San Antonio. Our daughter Amber is here at Notre Dame in the eighth grade.

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