Area citizens who are fans of the “Kerrville Farmers’ Market Downtown” and visited it at the A.C. Schreiner house on Water Street on Friday afternoons will be glad to know it’s still available but in a different “format.”

Organizer Jeremy Walther at Pint & Plow has reconstructed it as online ordering and drive-through pick-up at the Pint & Plow on Clay and Jefferson Streets.

Here are his instructions.

The first step is to visit the farmers market website at during the week Monday through Thursday to see what’s available and the prices.

Then between Friday morning and no later than 5 p.m. Sunday, pre-order and pay for the purchase online.

At Pint and Plow, Walther and his employee Kayte Graham organize the items that people pre-order; and Graham pre-packages each order.

The following Wednesday between 2 and 5 p.m., each customer can drive through the restaurant parking lot or curbside where Walther has been putting up a canopy and table and the same banner that was displayed at the former market site.

Graham or other employees will be at the parking lot to speak to customers through their open car windows, identify them and what they ordered; and get the pre-packaged items for them.

Walther said they got about 50 orders the first week this was set up. And since then, they’ve gained new customers who like the convenience of online ordering and “curbside pick-up.”

At its former site, local producers offered seasonal fresh and canned fruits and veggies, meats, farm eggs, honey, fresh baked goods, and flowers, plants and gifts.

Check the website weekly to see what is available.

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