Roman Garcia takes first seat at  City Council

New City Council Member Roman Garcia stands before the Kerrville seal in the council chambers, where he says he intends to represent all of the citizens of the city.

Roman Garcia says even though his official title is “City Council Member, Place 1” he represents everybody living in Kerrville.

“City Council members are elected at large,” he says. “I get one vote, just like the other three council members and the mayor. There isn’t any political party involvement. I’m supposed to look at every matter that comes before us objectively.”

He says to do that he intends to reach out to all his constituents and make himself aware of the issues they have. Council decisions must benefit everyone in the community, and he intends to stick to the principles he was elected under.

Garcia says for him that includes being fiscally conservative with the budget, maintaining essential infrastructure and taking care of vital needs first. Those needs include roads, water service, sewer service, and reliable energy. But it also means keeping the Kerrville culture, and what makes the city unique.

He says he started his orientation two weeks after the election, with visits to the city department heads at their facilities.

“I had visited them before,” he says. “I served on the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, and learned what the departments of the city do, and how the government runs. I’ve always been active in public service.

“But being a new council member gave me a different perspective. The orientation was more ‘hands-on.’ Now I have to help make the policy decisions that insures the city employees have the resources and abilities to keep the city running efficiently.”

He says the city staff was very supportive. “E.A. Hoppe was the first to welcome me, and he went along with me through the orientation.”

After he was oriented and sworn-in, Garcia says the City Council held a retreat at Camp Tecaboca, where they got to know each other and met with department heads. During the retreat, they set priorities for May 2021 into 2022. “I liked the openness of the conversations with the other council members. A big part of the planning was Kerrville’s 2050 Plan, as we posted priorities on big boards, and used stickers to set short-term priorities.”

He adds, “The 2050 Plan is the community’s voice on paper. Involvement between the Kerrville community and the City Council is crucial to improve the Kerrville culture both on the local and state level.”

Garcia says he was born in Austin, but his parents, Mario and Sandra Garcia, moved the family to Kerrville when Garcia was three or four. “Kerrville was my father’s hometown, and he and my mother, who was from San Antonio, wanted to raise my siblings and me here. But we moved around some. I went to kindergarten in Fredericksburg, first grade in Mexico, and second through fifth grade at Notre Dame Catholic School. From grade six through high school, I was home-schooled.”

His siblings now include two sisters and two brothers, all being home-schooled. He says his sister Maya is a high school senior, his brother Cruz is a sophomore, his sister Paloma is a freshman, and his youngest brother, Nico, is in fifth grade.

Garcia says he’s already pursuing a college degree, partly online through Hillsdale College, and partly through College-Level Examination Program tests. “Going to college online lets me keep involved in the community.” He plans to go to law school after graduation. “If I stay in Texas, it will be at the University of Texas.”

Garcia says he works as a technical consultant in the family business, KerrPC, repairing and servicing Apple products and maintaining websites. They have customers in Kerrville, and also in San Antonio, Dallas, and New Mexico.

He says he’s also the cofounder of both Kerr County Patriots Club and We the People: Liberty in Action locally. He is active in the Impact Christian Fellowship. In his spare time, he plays the piano and enjoys walking the River Trail and “hammocking.”

“I put up my hammock at Flat Rock Park or Kerrville-Schreiner Park and spend some quiet time either studying or catching some ‘Zs’.”

Garcia says on his personal business card, he quotes Abraham Lincoln; “Some day I shall be president.”

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