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Katie McCarty, right, Arcadia Live’s box office manager, goes backstage to get some pointers from board member and tech specialist Wes Lane on the theater’s new sound system state-of-the-art L-Acoustics Amplifier Rack and Processing, or “AMP Rack.”

Katy McCarty says her official title at Arcadia Live is “Box Office Manager,” but that title covers several different jobs. A big part of the box office, beyond selling tickets, is maintaining the database of members and donors, and making sure both individual and corporate donors get the benefits they have earned.

She says, “Arcadia reaches out though social media, and our newsletter. We make sure donor logos are displayed properly, provide decals and other recognition items, answer questions, and provide presale notification of events. We make donating to Arcadia Live a fun way to give back to the community.”

Beyond social media, she says she also designs playbills and programs. “We’re cognizant of what our community looks like. We’re on Facebook and Instagram, but not all of our patrons are. We also reach out with email. Right now we have one member who has no computer, so we keep up with phone calls. We also issue press releases to the local newspapers, including the Community Journal.”

McCarty says the database issue has been interesting lately. “We were using Vendini as our customer management database, primarily because it was the system most Kerrville venues were using. But that company was purchased by a bigger company, who decided not to support our system. They gave us the option to migrate to their system, Ovationtix, or seek another company. So for two weeks in mid-September we were transferring files, cleaning up the results, signing on for online training on the new system, and getting our feet wet using it. We ticketed our first ‘Back Porch’ event with it on Oct. 2. In the long run, though, we’ll benefit. Ovationtix is a more flexible program.”

She says the theater has also been working hard having its new sound system installed. One of their active board members, Wes Lane, is a tech specialist, and he’s been overseeing the assembly and balancing of the state-of-the-art system.

McCarty says they were very pleased with the success of their “Back Porch” series, which featured Hill Country artists on the Fridays of October. “Part of our mission is to always make a space for local talent.”

She says they also keep digging into the history of the Arcadia Theater, as she did when she designed the “classic blade” sign. “The technology has gone from neon signs to LED,” she says. “We want to match the historic atmosphere, but in a modern facility, in a way that brings light to downtown Kerrville.”

She says the Arcadia Live growth is being managed by Executive Director Michael Kelliher, Chief of “FUNdraising” Anne Overby, McCarty, and a new addition, Event Manager Stacie Leporati. “But we are supported by a very active and passionate Board of Directors.”

McCarty says she was born in Dallas, but her family moved to Kerrville when she was one and a half. “My grandparents, Jean and Gerald Witt, live in Center Point. My mother, Marla, met Brian McCarty in Dallas, and they moved here when I was still toddling. I attended Starkey Elementary. While I was attending Tivy High School I started the ‘Tivy Yarn Club.’ Our project was to crochet heart ‘telegrams’ people could send to friends, and we gave half the proceeds to the HPMS ‘Have a Heart’ campaign.”

She says she was also active in UIL competition, and played golf half-heartedly.

“At the time, my parents owned Golfland,” she says. “But I’m a ‘wild card’ player. Every one of my games is different, in a sport where consistency is the key.”

McCarty says after she graduated from Tivy in 2015 she went to Trinity University. She majored in psychology, with a business minor and took Spanish and linguistics. She included a couple of “random” theater classes, scene design and costuming, but got most of her stage exposure from her theater-education roommate, Kate Jones-Waddell, who was also from THS.

In 2018 she says she got a chance to study in Christchurch, New Zealand. “I spent five months there. It was Spring in Texas, but I had Fall twice. I took language classes, because I believe that’s the best way to learn about a different culture, and I studied New Zealand’s industrial organizational psychology. I took the opportunity to travel all over the country, by train, bus, and driving.”

After graduating from Trinity, she says she started job searching. “I was looking for a position in human relations in 2019, without much success. My Dad told me if I was bored I should hang with Anne and help her write grants. I got interested in the Arcadia story, and how to tell it to appeal to people. After some seasonal work at James Avery, I started at Arcadia Live as an intern in August of 2019, and now I manage the box office.”

“Right now, I’m still living with my family,” she says. “I have two ‘poodlish’ dogs, Marvin and Moko, and my favorite hobby is painting, with acrylics, which I inherited from my grandmother. There’s always something to learn, and a way to grow, from every situation.”

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