The Rotary Club of Kerrville recently told 25 high school seniors and current college students they had been awarded $1,000 scholarships.

“Our club has been awarding $25,000 in scholarships for many years now, but it was so rewarding in this difficult year to be able to contact these amazing students,” Tammy Prout, club president, said. “Our scholarship program has been expanded to include vocational training and support to students already attending college.”

Each student was required to complete a detailed application, including an essay describing their efforts toward “Service Above Self,” the Rotary Club motto.

The students selected for this year’s $1,000 scolarship awards are:

•    Alexis Johnson, Tivy High School;

•    Anna Crittenden, Ingram Tom Moore High School;

•    Ashlynn Way, THS;

•    Avery Abshier, THS;

•    Bella King, THS;

•    Cameron Poole, Angelo State University;

•    Cole Miears, Clarendon College;

•    Colten Cooper, Hill Country High School;

•    Dylan Pena, THS;

•    Elizabeth Tull, THS;

•    Emily Morgan, THS;

•    Eric Rodriquez, St. Mary’s University;

•    Ethan Peschel, THS;

•    Jessie Jimenez, OLH;

•    Jordan Bunch, UTSA;

•    Jose Castro, THS;

•    Kierson Jalowy, THS;

•    Lance Ford, UT Austin;

•    Laurel Pruitt, THS;

•    Peyton Pruitt, THS;

•    Savannah Grinstead, THS;

•     Savannah Rendon, THS

•    Walker Grimes, THS;

•    Wesley Mieske, ITM;

•    William Crain, THS.

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