The Hill Country Arts Foundation is offering “Improv Class with Ben Watson” on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Point Theatre.

Watson is an actor, writer, and director currently living in San Antonio. He received his BFA in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago.  Before moving to Texas in 2016, he performed in film and theatre in Los Angeles and New York.  Some of the highlights were playing Routley in the indie comedy “My Life with Morrissey,” Hansel in the comedic reality TV “Grimm House” with Amy Schumer, Kica in “The Belgrade Trilogy” with Sawyer Spielberg at the Fourth Street Theatre in Manhattan, and Dr. Bob in “Bill W. and Dr. Bob” in a bilingual tour with shows in Costa Rica, Austin, and New York.  Ben also wrote and directed the short “In a Park by the Coffee Shop” at the 8th Street Theatre, “The Maginot Line” at the Richmond Shepard Theatre, both in Manhattan, and “The Experiment of the Buzzing Noise” at the Charlie Pineapple Theatre in Brooklyn. He currently is in pre-production for his screenplay “Next Step Down.”

Ben is also a certified sommelier and enjoys studying Farsi, French, Russian, and Spanish. You may have seen him on the HCAF stage as Dracula in "Count Dracula' last year.

The class outline includes the “basics of improv,” “saying ‘yes’ to props,” and “still frame/freeze.”

The fee for the class is $50. Interested students may register online at or call 367-5121 for more information.

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