Micah Wrase is a licensed specialist in school psychology

As a licensed specialist in school psychology Micah Wrase works with all the KISD campuses, and also helps connect KISD with Schreiner University and the greater Kerrville community.

As the Kerrville Independent School District psychologist Micah Wrase says he wears many hats, and works on every campus in the district.

He says he collaborates with teachers, building classroom strategies designed to reach different students, and when necessary he can provide intervention to help difficult students. About half his work is with special education students, conducting psychological, functional and behavioral assessments; as well as counseling. He is a member of the autism assessment team.

The other half of his time is just as varied. "I do everything under the sun," he says. "I provide individual and group counseling. I help student families solve problems like finding housing. I'm on the district threat assessment team, and I oversee the campus teams, responding whenever a threat to students is identified. I also provide crisis response when something traumatic happens, like a student dying. Early intervention can resolve issues before they grow big enough to be a problem."

On the other hand, He also works proactively. He says, "Every elementary campus has a student "Character Council," and from BT Wilson Sixth Grade up campuses have a "Leadership Team." I help them plan about 200 activities per year promoting character and kindness. For example, The Tivy High School team organizes an annual three-week teamwork exercise on a low-ropes course, for groups of 10 to 15 younger kids at a time."

Wrase says he also provides a bridge between KISD and Schreiner University. "I've been teaching part-time at Schreiner for 10 years. My classes include 'Psychology,' 'Global Issues,' and 'Critical Thinking.' My Schreiner contact helps KISD in several ways, for example organizing SU students who can mentor KISD students, or finding SU undergraduates to serve as KISD interns."

He also ties into the larger community, he says. Wrase serves on the board of the Kerrville State Hospital Volunteer Services Council, and brought to it junior board members from SU, which gives the board fresh insight and provides the students with volunteer experience. Wrase also works with the Big Seed program. "There is a truly remarkable artist at Tivy, and I was trying to find a way to display that talent outside KISD. Big Seed grew the idea into a show that expanded to exhibit many students' talents. It also helped expand those students' make social contacts, where they can see a future as an artist."

Wrase says, "When we can find cross-collaborations between KISD, and Schreiner or the Kerrville community, that benefit both sides, it kills two birds with one stone."

Wrase says he was born in San Antonio, but his family moved to Boerne when he was in middle school. "In 1999 I graduated from Boerne High School, not Tivy's football rival Boerne Champion, so that makes things easier at KISD. We did play soccer against THS, though, and I attracted the attention of the coach from Schreiner, who recruited me for the SU team."

He says, "I started out studying exercise science and physical therapy, but after taking some psychology classes I transferred my major my junior year. My grades went way up. I had found my thing." He earned his bachelor of science in psychology in 2003.

While Wrase was at Schreiner his summer job in 2002 was working the front desk at Family Sports Center. "I would get there early, 5 a.m., for my workout. I noticed Elizabeth LeSauvage on one of the treadmills, so I took the treadmill next to her, trying to be cool. She finished first, and I lost sight of her. Then I went to the pool, and there she was. She believes I followed her, but swimming really was the next thing on my schedule. I introduced myself, and took her out to dinner the next night. After we ate she wanted to pick out a fish to go into her aquarium, so I helped with that."

He says they married March 15, 2003, in Boerne's Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, with a reception at the Don Strange Ranch.

"My first job after graduation was as a lifeguard," he says. "Then Schreiner hired me to be their director of campus recreation and a residence hall director, so we lived in the SU residence hall. I also went to Our Lady of the Lake University, where in 2006 I earned a master of science in psychology, with a specialty in school psychology."

He says they decided to move to Tyler, where Elizabeth's parents were. "I worked at John Tyler High School from 2007 to 2008, but we both missed Kerrville. I talked to then KISD superintendent Dr. Dan Troxell, and returned to Kerrville to work for KISD in 2008."

Wrase says they have four children. Their twin girls, Addison and Olivia, attend Tom Daniels Elementary, where they are in Elizabeth's class. Their son Luke is in the eighth grade at Peterson Middle School, and their eldest son, Ethan, is a sophomore at Tivy High School.

At Schreiner University, Wrase says he has been accepted into the Eddington Society, which explores SU history researching lessons which help students find their purpose in life.

Wrase quotes Winston Churchill, "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

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