Area churches plan picnic Sunday

Festivities begin Sunday, Sept. 17 at 11 a.m. with a worship service under the pavilion.

Since its first neighborhood picnic in 2013, Zion Lutheran Church has been working to “reach out to show Christ’s love” in a tangible way. The neighborhood picnic was one way to do this.

Many began inviting people door to door, by word of mouth, personal invitation or general promotion of the event. The invitations spread across the city, but mostly to their neighbors nearby. As the years passed by, the framework was laid to work with neighboring churches to work together.

Last year, Zion began working toward this goal to have several churches work together beginning conversations with Pastor Noah of Barnett Chapel. The various church schedules did not work out, but it seems it is God’s timing to allow the collaboration this year. Friendships have begun to blossom, and as Pastor Noah of Barnett Chapel said, “we are building community, collaboration and fellowship.”

All the churches are bringing sides and desserts to share as in the tradition of church gatherings. One is providing fried chicken from Chicken Express and other hotdogs on the grill for the kids.

Festivities begin Sunday, Sept. 17 at 11 a.m. with a worship service under the pavilion. Barnett Chapel Choir and Zion Lutheran Chancel Choir will share a song, and Zion Lutheran Praise Team will lead other songs of worship. Pastors from Barnett Chapel and Zion Lutheran churches will share the sermon.

The meal begins at noon, followed by games: the splash pad, bounce house, cake walk, fishing pond, football throw, can toss, and good ol’ fashioned games sack races.

Joyful, uplifting and inspiring live praise music will fill the air during the afternoon from the Zion Lutheran Praise Team. Cameos from Mt. Olive and Barnett Chapel are quite possible, as well.

Zion’s picnic planning committee said, “This is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself and see God in your community. Churches are buildings, but God’s grace is everywhere and we want people to experience it.”

Who can turn down free food, great music, and loads of fun for all? If you are looking for a connection, or have a felt need, Zion Lutheran would love to reach out to show God’s love in a tangible way. The church looks forward to meeting future friends and having fun with current friends as they share time together praising God.

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