Teacher Feature: Haley Dean

School: Nimitz Elementary School.

Subject taught: Fourth grade science and social studies.

Years teaching: Three years.

Years at school/district: Three years; two at the Early Childhood Center, one at Nimitz.

College: I have a bachelor of arts in education and human development, with a minor in history, from Texas A&M University.

Reason you chose a career in education: My mom, Lara Harrison, was a teacher, so I grew up in classrooms seeing kids learn. I wanted to help kids learn, too.

Most enjoyable part of teaching: Making connections with each kid.

Hardest part of teaching: Making everything interesting for students, so they discover how to enjoy learning.

If I could change one thing in education it would be: I would increase the number of teachers, so they would have smaller classes. A teacher can teach 15 students more than they can in a class of 25.

Other duties at school: It being my first year here, I don’t have any, yet.

Hobbies/interests: Crafting, and anything to do with Aggies. There are also a lot of projects around our new house. I’ve been taking a lot of wallpaper off.

Personal history: I was born and raised in Round Rock, graduating from Round Rock High School in 2013. While I was going to A&M I hung out at the Dixie Chicken, where you could play pool. I met Bradley Dean, from Kerrville, there, and in March of 2015 he took me out for burgers and ice cream. I graduated in December of 2017, the same time he did, but he was three years late. He took a couple of extra laps. We moved to Boerne, where I worked as a nanny for eight months while Bradley started working for Thrivent Financial in 1 Schreiner Center, with his father, Danny Dean. We married in March of 2018, and I started working at KISD. I thought Kerrville would be too small a town for me, but now that we’ve moved here, I really do like it. We have a nine-month-old son, Logan.

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