‘Celtic Angels Ireland’ cancelled,  other changes possible at Cailloux Theater

Playhouse 2000 has announced the planned “Celtic Angels Ireland” performance has been cancelled for this year and hopefully rescheduled to the next year’s season. It is possible that planned future performances will also be affected by the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus and information will be reported when available.

The Board of Directors of Playhouse 2000 worked over the weekend and again Monday morning on a decision to cancel this weekend’s scheduled appearance by “Celtic Angels Ireland.”

The group would have presented the final event in the 2019-20 Cailloux Performances series of events.

The board has sent the following announcement to ticketed patrons, as well as to followers on social media.

“Dear Cailloux Theater Patron,

“In response to current events, and in support of the health and well-being of our community, we have decided to cancel this weekend’s scheduled performance of ‘Celtic Angels Ireland.’

“We have arranged to present a return of this unique show in March 2021, and will happily move your tickets from this event to that one.

“If you prefer, we will issue an ‘exchange credit’ in the amount of your ticket purchase price that you can apply toward any event in The Cailloux or VK Garage Theaters within the next twelve months.

“We make this announcement with heavy hearts, but feel that it is the only choice of action given the state of emergency declared in our nation, our state, and San Antonio where many in Kerrville commute for work.

“Please note that this choice, while in the community’s best interest, has real and significant costs for our theater – ultimately in the thousands of dollars.

“If you choose, we will thankfully transfer your current ticket purchase into a tax deductible donation. This will help us pay contractual artist fees and remain better prepared for economic uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead.

“Ticket Holders - we will soon send a form with which you can tell us your preference for how your tickets for this Saturday should be handled. If you do not receive the form by email within the next two days, please call our box office 896-9393, 24/7 (messaging available) and provide an email or physical address so that we can reach out to you directly.

“It is possible that additional events will need to be altered. The staff at the Cailloux Theater will continue to monitor the latest news from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and cooperate with city officials to keep our community healthy and strong in the coming weeks.”

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