On Monday, Aug. 23, there were 34 COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized locally – the highest experienced in this area over the past 8 months, since Jan. 8, 2021, according to Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

In comparison, when the county last released an update last Thursday, Aug. 19, Peterson Regional Medical Center reported there were 27 patients being treated for the novel coronavirus in its Kerrville facility.

“Our local medical staff at Peterson Regional Medical Center has already been operating at a stressed level and stretched resources during this latest surge – trying to take care of COVID-19 patients well, since they cannot be transferred to outside medical facilities, which are also at capacity since most areas of the state saw a sudden surge in cases all at the same time,” Thomas said. “So, we already had our local medical personnel putting in a heroic effort to take care of COVID-19 patients, and then, as of today, they had an added patient load of 7 more people sick enough with the virus that they had to be hospitalized.”

Likewise, hospitalizations also increased over the weekend throughout Region 6 of the Alamo Area Council of Governments, to which Kerr County and 27 other counties belong. By the end of today, hospitals regionwide had more than 1,600 patients in hospitals receiving care for the virus.

“What makes this so tough is that this surge isn’t just happening here. It’s happening across our region and our state. Where, at one time, we were able to see resources shift to an area of the state that was in particular need, right now, most areas of the state are all in need at once,” he added.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported that, as of today, Kerr County had 215 active cases of COVID-19. While on the face of things, that figure seems to be an 8-patient decrease from the county’s last report of 223 active cases, Thomas said the state agency’s account does not reflect the 44 new cases of COVID-19 that were confirmed over the weekend.

Local COVID-19 Statistics

The following are today’s statistics provided in Thomas’ end-of-day report:

Kerr County, Texas – COVID-19 Update As of Aug. 19, 2021

• 215 active cases of COVID-19 (Down 8 cases from the report on Thursday, Aug. 19 – BUT Thomas said that DSHS state agency figure, which is lagging, does not include the 44 cases confirmed positive over the weekend by PRMC.);

• 4,924 recoveries (Up 58 patients since Thursday, but less of a gain than was shown last week between Monday and Thursday.);

• 98 fatalities of permanent, Kerr County residents due to COVID-19 (Up 2 deaths from last Thursday, but still not giving the full account of the 3 deaths at Peterson Regional Medical Center reported last Friday, Aug. 13.);

• 34 hospitalizations of patients currently receiving treatment for active COVID-19 in Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville (An increase of 7 additional inpatients since Thursday and a figure whose height Kerr County has not seen since just after the first of the year -- Jan. 8, 2021.)

• 1,600-plus hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients across the AACOG Region 6 (to which Kerr County belongs).

Vaccine Totals, Kerr County

As of Aug. 19, 2021

• 20,100 vaccines allotted to Kerr County;

• 42,127 vaccine doses received by Kerr County residents (*Up 544 since the report last Thursday, Aug. 19.);

• 24,056 people who have received at least one dose of vaccine (*Up 325 people since last report.);

• 20,235 locals who have been “fully vaccinated” (defined by the Centers for Disease Control as both shots of the 2-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or the 1-shot Janssen vaccine.) This figure is up by 263 people since Thursday.

Kerr County Breakdown into Age Divisions of

People Considered Fully Vaccinated – Aug. 16, 2021

    •    12-15 years old – 300 people fully vaccinated

    •    16-49 years old – 5,647 people fully vaccinated

    •    50-64 years old – 5,196 people fully vaccinated

    •    65-79 years old – 6,674 people fully vaccinated

    •    80+ years old – 2,413 people fully vaccinated

    •    UNKNOWN – 5 people fully vaccinated

TOTAL: 20,235 people in Kerr County, Texas fully vaccinated

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