Kerrville City Council met March 10 for one of its shortest regular meetings and approved a grant application to the state for a “tactical micro robot;” rezoned a piece of Spur 100 property for the current owner; and presented a proclamation to the executive director of Dietert Center in honor of “March for Meals” month.

PD grant, tactical micro robot

Kerrville Police Chief David Knight asked council for a resolution authorizing the submission of a grant application to the Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, by the City of Kerrville for the purchase of a “tactical micro robot / recon throwbot system” with a command monitoring station.

Knight described the robot as weighing 1.3 pounds and carrying color and infrared cameras and the capability of picking up audio.

He said this is a product of current technology and miniaturization. It can run for up to 110 minutes and is run by a PD operator who watches what it sees, on a screen of activity.

“It can create a helpful distance for the officers’ safety,” he told council.

No cost was given in the agenda item, as Knight was asking for purchase by a state grant.

Council’s only question was whether this would have helped police officers in the previous “movie theater incident,” as one of its purposes is to clear hazardous areas of threats without exposing officers to danger. Knight said yes.

Council approved 5-0 the grant application being sent to Austin.

Ordinance, Spur 100

property zoning

Under public hearing and ordinances, first reading, council considered a zoning request to change the zoning and classification of a property located adjacent to Spur 100, officially 199 Spur 100, about 15.5 acres. The owner asked that it be changed from “medium density residential zoning district” (R-2)m, to a Residential Mixed Zoning District (RM) .

The property north of the County Road & Bridge Yard and east of the VA Medical Center is vacant and was zoned for agriculture and outdoor tourism, but that place type doesn’t align with R2. The present owner is marketing the property and wants more options including multi-family units.

Council voted 5-0 to approve this request on first reading.


Blackburn presented a proclamation to Brenda Thompson, executive director of Dietert Center, naming March as the “18th Annual March for Meals Month” and urging every citizen to honor the Meals on Wheels Program, the (mostly) seniors it serves, and the volunteers who care for the recipients of the meals.

The proclamation noted the Older Americans Act of 1965 was amended in 1972 to establish a national nutrition program; saying that this program has served senior and individuals with disabilities for more than 50 years in Kerr County, especially by raising awareness of senior hunger and isolation.

Thompson added that recipients also sometimes are younger adults temporarily homebound for medical reasons; and that a hot meal is usually served at Dietert Center Monday through Friday in the dining room.

This meeting lasted less than 45 minutes, even including announcements of upcoming city-related events; and speaker Daniel J. Abell of Kerrville who told council he is a member of the Kerr County Patriots conservative organization.

In the visitor/citizen forum, Abell asked council, especially the three councilpersons whose seats are up for voting in the May election, to reconsider their “no” answers when asked to participate in a forum of candidates, saying the KCP will have other forums in the future and their participation would be appreciated.

Council did not reply to Abell or discuss his letter, which he distributed to each of them in printed form before he spoke.

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