The Kerr County Soil and Water Conservation District is sponsoring a “Native Tree Sale” and the pre-order deadline is Thursday, Nov. 12, followed by a pick-up day on Nov. 18.

The KCSWD staff said they know many people in Kerr and surrounding counties lost multiple trees during the recent hail storm; and they can help them replace those trees.

Orders are being taken by the Kerr County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Pick-up date for the ordered trees will be Nov. 18 at the same Kerr County office at 2104 Memorial Blvd., Suite 103, Kerrville, on State Highway 27 East.

All trees to be sold have been grown locally, and are native species in five-gallon pots.

Quantities are limited and buyers are urged to begin ordering now.

Trees are $35 each if paying by check or cash. If paying by credit card, add a 5-percent service charge.

Species available are expected to include:

• Burr Oak;

• Chinkapin Oak;

• Monterrey Oak;

• Cedar Elm;

• Mexican Plum;

• Desert Willow;

• Big Tooth Maple;

• Texas Redbud;

• Arizona Cypress;

• Big Tooth Maple;

• Caddo Sugar Maple;

• Blanco Crabapple;

• Red Oak;

• Eve’s Necklace;

• Golden Ball Lead Tree;

• Anacacho Orchid;

• Escarpment Cherry;

• Texas Mulberry;

• Walnut;

• Cypress;

• Sycamore;

• Pinon Pine;

• Native Pecan;

• Possumhaw Holly;

• Flame Leaf Sumac.

For more information, contact the Soil & Water Conservation District, at 896-4911, ext. 3, or email

Printed order forms may be available by contacting the office; or check the website at

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