Kerrville Indepdendent School District officials updated COVID-19 protocols for students in staff in recognition of the surge in local cases.

The following statement was issued:

“Each day we are closely monitoring our Covid-19 positive cases in our schools. Because of the numbers of active cases with both students and staff we are making our first set of operational adjustments to our Covid-19 Protocols. In summary, we are fogging/cleaning more frequently, publicly reporting case count updates more frequently, requiring quarantine of students and staff living in a home with a confirmed positive Covid-19 case, turning off our water fountains and making other “behind the scenes” changes in food services, maintenance and transportation.

“Further changes to our mitigation protocols may be forthcoming. Thank you for your partnership in keeping yourselves, our children and our faculty and staff safe.”

Additional updates include:

• Recommending, but not mandating masks be worn on campus, while also stating “students and staff must be respectful of individual mask choices” and “teachers may not require students to wear masks in their classroom;”

• Isolation requirements for persons living at home with a COVID-19-positive patient and people in close contact with a COVID-19-positive patient;

• Effective Sept. 7, COVID-19 Rapid Result Testing will be available for staff that are symptomatic or living with a COVID-19 patient;

• Effective Sept. 20, students can be tested upon parent request only if the student has a COVID-19-positive patient living with them.

KISD administration provides twice-a-week update on cases within the district, broken down by campus, on their website at

For more information on the district’s updated protocols, or to monitor any additional changes to those protocols, see the KISD website.

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