Schreiner Golf Course receives donation

Celebrating a $20,000 donation for the Scott Schreiner Golf Course are, from left, Shane Heffernan, Sports Facilities manager; Ashlea Boyle, director of Parks and Recreation; Randy Cawthon, Golf Course Maintenance superintendent; Stanley Brunsman; and Bobby Morriss; Lead Pro Shop attendant.

The Kerrville Parks and Recreation Department extends its sincerest gratitude to Stanley Brunsman for his recent donation to the Scott Schreiner Golf Course. Brunsman contributed $20,000 for improvements to the Hole No. 1 starting area in memoriam to his father, K.K. Brunsman.

Brunsman and his father used to play the course every week for 15 years. The municipal golf course became a special place for them to bond and enjoy each other’s company. Different areas of the course are filled with many fond memories. Plaques to honor both Brunsman and his father will be placed on the two new benches.

“I made the donation in remembrance of my father, who loved this golf course and the sport of golf in general,” Stanley Brunsman said. “We made many great memories at the course, even making several hole-in-ones over the years. I was very fortunate to get to spend time with my father playing golf like we did, and I wanted to help improve the course so that others could have just as much enjoyment as we did.”

“With his contribution, the department was able to make improvements to the start of the course by adding a new concrete cart path to the driving range and upgrading the Hole No. 1 cart path from granite/dirt to concrete,” Director of Parks and Recreation Ashlea Boyle said. “Landscaping, such as flower beds and trees, were also added to enhance the natural beauty of the Scott Schreiner Golf Course. We are grateful and humbled with his generous donation, and we hope everyone joins us in thanking Mr. Brunsman. The improvements have made a noticeable difference in the aesthetics and functionality of the course and have been very well received.”

For more information, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (830) 257-7300,, visit the city’s website at

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